Ben and Rebecca


Hi!  We’re Ben & Rebecca.

The phrase that best expresses who we are is – Let’s Play!  Whether it is hiking with our big, adorable, and fluffy dog, Hudson, finding our new favorite place to eat, searching for the perfect lake or lazy river to go kayaking, playing board and strategy games with our diverse group of friends, or trekking out on our annual camping trip, we just like having fun.  It’s why we made our home in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by water, mountains, nature, and all its variety leaving endless discovery of new experiences. When we are done playing, we also enjoy relaxing with each other in our cozy home on Tiger Mountain just east of Seattle.

Meet Ben: He is very outgoing, gregarious, and extremely patient.  Enormously dedicated to all his friends and family, he is always there to support them. Ben’s successful marketing career at an industry-leading local software company provides him personal satisfaction, a flexible schedule, financial stability, and comprehensive benefits for our family that ensure we will all be covered for years to come. A huge football fan, Ben is passionate about his favorite team, the Denver Broncos and with Rebecca rooting for the Seahawks (which is Ben’s 2nd favorite team) it makes watching football super fun at our house. Ben also loves to play sports, everything from softball, racquetball, and golf, to running around the Seattle area (he even finished a marathon).

Meet Rebecca: At first you may think Rebecca is quiet, but she quickly reveals a silly, fun, and goofy side (the parts Ben loves the most).  The artistic one, Rebecca loves to utilize her creativity around the house. Her love for hiking and exploration of the outdoors is rooted in growing up on 20 acres of woods north of Spokane.  Rebecca finds joy working as a Vision Therapist advocating for and working/playing with children of all ages and helping them succeed.  She looks forward to utilizing these skills as a stay-at-home mother as soon as we adopt.

Our dream since we were married in 2009 is to welcome a child into our family, home, and hearts. Hanging with our nephew and nieces keeps us busy and active, but when they leave we always miss their energy and playful spirit. We desire the opportunity to raise a son or daughter with whom we can consistently share our passion for enjoying life while experiencing the world through their eyes. We also look forward to providing a supportive role nurturing their own interests, hobbies, and dreams.

When we discovered we were unable to conceive a child, we explored our options and were ultimately drawn to an open adoption relationship. Over the years we have created our own ‘framily’ consisting of friends and siblings. We view open adoption as another way to expand this with an adoptive child and hopefully their birth family, too! We want our child to have a relationship with their birth family–we want them to feel whole and loved by all.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and we look forward to the possibility of meeting you, too!

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