Ben and Melissa



We are Ben and Melissa and live in a suburb of Seattle with our beloved cat, Mr. Purrfect. Our neighborhood is family friendly, including walking paths, parks, and playgrounds, and many children live nearby. We have been together since 2007, and married in 2009. Ben is a chiropractor and runs two massage therapy clinics and Melissa is a high school chemistry teacher. Outside of work, we both enjoy running, golfing, and watching movies/Netflix. Melissa has been busy as a high school gymnastics coach for 10 years, but recently retired in anticipation of dedicating time to parenting. We also value spending time with our close friends and family. Ben’s family is local and Melissa’s in Minnesota, both of whom we have frequent visits and take vacations with. We are fortunate to have such a strong community of family and friends who look forward to supporting us when our family grows.

Our journey to become parents began years ago in 2010. We have been unable to become pregnant despite all our efforts and discovering we are infertile. Our feelings of grief and loss have been difficult, but have helped us to grow as people. We feel even more prepared for the challenges that come with parenting and what we may otherwise encounter in life. To weather difficult times, we come together as a team and rely on humor whenever possible, which is something we imagine will be a strength as parents as well.

After learning about different ways of growing our family, we found open adoption resonates most with our personal values. The benefits of open adoption were clear to us from the start—the child will always know their adoption story and where they come from. We are also excited to expand our family beyond a child, to include their birthparents and other extended birth family that would like to be involved in their lives. Our nephew is adopted which has taught us even more about the importance of children having ongoing connections to their birth families, and an understanding of their life’s story.

We value education and plan to support our child’s unique learning style in addition to introducing them to a variety of activities. Our child will be encouraged to follow their passions and curiosities and we look forward to supporting them in whatever activities they are drawn to.

We hope that our sense of connection and relationship, and our time spent together during visits will help our child’s birthparents see their child is happy and thriving. We also hope this will bring the birthparents peace and happiness.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us!

Melissa & Ben

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