Ben and Adam


Hello there! We are Ben (left) and Adam (right). Thank you for learning a bit about us.

We met over coffee more than 13 years ago and hit it off instantly. We decided to go for a walk on a rainy Northwest afternoon. As we talked, we found that we had so much in common including our love of foreign films, hiking, healthy cooking, and a love of animals!

Another thing we soon discovered was that we both wanted to raise a family, and we have been looking forward to the adventure of parenting for a long time. We are best friends who value healthy communication, strong community, and a love of learning, and we look forward to raising our child with these values in mind.

Adam grew up in New York before moving to the Northwest with his family. He loves his job working as a psychologist. Adam volunteers at a local animal shelter and loves being around animals, including our cat, who is always ready for snuggles. Adam is also a big reader, and can’t wait to read books to our kiddo before bedtime. Ben is originally from Pennsylvania. He grew up in a small farming community with his parents and brother, along with a big extended family. He moved to the west coast for school and work, and he loves living in the Northwest! Ben is a software engineer and recently celebrated a 20-year work anniversary with his company.

We both come from tight-knit families and have parents and siblings who are excited to help us welcome a child and their birth parents into our family. Some of our family members live close by, and some live further away, but they are all excited to be part of our child’s life! Grandparents are looking forward to going for walks, trips to the zoo, and lots of playtime.

We own a lovely home with a big backyard in a family-friendly suburban area in western Washington, and we look forward to raising our family here. There are lots of families in the neighborhood, in addition to great parks and schools near our house.

Our hope is to create a healthy and happy home for our child, and to instill a love of learning, healthy communication, and respect for the natural world. We are drawn to open adoption so we can honor our child’s origins and connections to their birth family. We look forward to growing a relationship together, centered around a shared love for our child.

Thank you for getting to know a little about us.
Ben & Adam

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