Becca and Kristin


Hi! We’re Becca (on the left) and Kristin.

We’re mellow introverts who live in a light, airy old house in Portland, Oregon with our small dog Penny. On a typical weekend you can find us staying cozy in our sweats making waffles, walking Penny around our neighborhood, spending time with friends and family, or working in our yard or on a house project. We’ve been together since 2015, and like each other more all the time (and we started out liking each other a lot!). We have a huge amount of love and respect for each other and have developed great communication skills. We’re very happy together.

Becca is sensitive, strong-willed, loves to laugh, values authenticity, kindness, and family most of all, and can’t get enough of the local Mexican restaurant’s verde chimichangas. Her idea of a good weekend involves coffee on the patio with Kristin, yoga, snuggling Penny, gardening or working on a sewing project, and casual dinners with family and friends. She’s a registered nurse but left a stressful job in the hospital to find a job that makes her happy. She’s now a nanny for a baby and loving it.

Kristin is logical, resourceful, always ready with a spreadsheet or to-do list, and surprisingly silly. She values independence, thinking outside the box, and assuming the best of other people. Call her crazy (Becca does sometimes), but she loves budgeting. She’s also a mean Scrabble player (those English degrees were useful after all!), loves the satisfaction of a completed house project, and loves spending time with family. A few years ago, she left her job in marketing to learn how to code, and now she’s a software engineer. It’s a much better fit.

We both come from big, stable families and have close friendships in Portland. We have several family members (some of our best friends!) close by and we do regular meals together. Our niece and nephew live nearby, and we’re so excited for our little one to have cousins to grow up with. Becca’s parents live in Seaside, and we love visiting them at the coast regularly. Kristin’s mom lives in Utah and we look forward to her visits several times a year. We feel incredibly lucky to have a huge support network. We’re so excited to welcome a kid into our life and to share this amazing group of people (our friends and family are so excited too!).

We both grew up with the freedom to pursue our interests (sports! building forts! taking dance classes! making a mess of the kitchen!), and we look forward to that for our kiddo, too. Becca plans to take several years off to stay at home, and we feel excited about providing a stable, safe and consistent home where our child feels supported to pursue their interests and be themselves. We can’t wait to learn alongside our kid as they discover passions and grow into themselves.

We both have always imagined ourselves as parents. We look forward to nightly family dinners, cozy bedtime routines, reading aloud our favorite books, and retelling the story of our child’s birth and adoption and the magic of the many wonderful people who are a part of their story. We feel committed to authenticity and open communication, and to creating an open adoption where we and our child’s birth family all feel valued, recognizing how we each bring something unique to our child’s beautiful life, and where we each feel a deep sense of belonging.

We wish you all the best – Becca and Kristin

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