Ashley and David


Hi! We are Ashley and David and we could not be more excited to adopt. We are both in our early 30s and after eight happy years together, we are ready to share that happiness.

Meeting in Oregon was fate! In our early 20s we both lived in Philadelphia, many times being at the same place at the same time, but never meeting. After our first date we both felt an immediate connection realizing we had so much in common. We both value open communication and honesty, but the biggest thing we have in common is our silly side. We love to make jokes, laugh a lot, and surprise each other with silly gifts.

David: I work in finance and founded a successful startup in my early 20s, and because of that I only need to work part time. With most of my free time I work with horses. I work very hard at whatever I do and always finish what I start. Running my own business has shown me the value of hard work and determination, while training horses has taught me a great deal of empathy and patience. I have a general love for life and cannot wait to share it with a new member of the family.

Ashley: I am a part time creative arts school teacher at a K-8th private school. I am an incredibly enthusiastic and energetic person and it serves me well as a teacher. I love my students and make sure that they know it. Being a teacher has shown me all the different ways kids can be kids and all the different ways you can love them. I love imagining what my child will be like and all of the things we will do together.

We currently live in our dream house in our dream neighborhood. We love to take yoga and pilates classes at nearby studios and one of our favorite exercise activities is simply going on long walks in different neighborhoods and enjoying the beautiful houses and parks.

We have always known that we want to bring a child into our family through adoption and after much planning and years of hard work, we feel it is the right time to begin this next chapter. When we adopt Ashley will be a stay at home Mom and David will be a part time stay at home Dad. We look forward to providing our future child with lots of activities and opportunities to help them discover their interests. We even love to daydream about getting a small pony someday if they end up loving horses as much as we do.

We want to build a trusting relationship with the birth family that becomes intuitive over time. We have always believed in the importance of chosen family and will always honor our child’s birth parents and consider them family. We are so excited to be given the chance to be part of the birth parents lives.

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