Ashley and Brian


We are Ashley and Brian!

We are both in the field of creating healthy opportunities for kids and our community through our chosen professions as a nutrition/garden educator (Ashley) and educator of youth bicycling and walking safety (Brian). Sporting a reflective safety vest (Brian) and wearing a cooking apron (Ashley), we were about to go teach kids about riding bicycles and making healthy food choices when we met in the hallway of a local elementary school. Ashley now rides her bike for transportation more regularly and Brian eats more vegetables!

While we definitely enjoy relaxing on the couch watching movies, we also like to take advantage of the recreational opportunities in Central Oregon, like walking and running in the state park behind our house and stand up paddle boarding on the river and lakes. We also enjoy summer backpacking trips and winter snow sports. These physical activities allow us to find balance, playing to stay healthy and happy.

When he’s not zipping around town on his cargo bike or cruising down newly paved streets on his long board, Brian has been known to stilt walk and hula hoop as well as get people on the dance floor when he DJs at local venues. He also takes great care of our backyard chickens. Ashley gets excited about garden grown tomatoes and an abundance of raspberries as well as hours spent on a jigsaw puzzle listening to her favorite podcasts next to a roaring fire. She also enjoys regular potlucks with family and diverse community of friends.

Brian pursues creative endeavors like listening to music to add to his library and making short films of our travels and daily experiences. He is a welcoming host, making visitors feel comfortable in a cozy ambiance with beverages in hand. He seeks spontaneous adventures and strongly values open and honest communication.

Ashley gets energized by spending time with close friends.  She often organizes gatherings and reunions. People find her to be easy to talk to and approachable. Watching the slow process of her plants growing brings her great joy and her passion is contagious. She looks forward to coming home after work and decompressing by getting her hands in her garden soil and harvesting dinner.

Our life experiences, education, and resources will allow us to provide a nurturing and safe space for our child to become their own empowered person. We will provide stability and opportunity supported by our strong network of family and friends. We will be living role models of mindful, kind, involved community members with an unwavering commitment to our child’s well-being and identity as an adopted person connected to their biological roots.

We are hopeful and enthusiastic about sharing our interests and adventures with our child, with their birth family as an important part of all of our lives. We dream of a relationship of mutual respect with our child’s birth family where everyone feels like they belong, celebrating holidays and milestones together, as well as casual gatherings, cultivating genuine friendship.  We look forward to getting to know you!

– Ashley and Brian

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