Anna and Dylan


We are Anna and Dylan, artists and educators living in Portland, Oregon. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us.

We met as students in 2004 in a college ceramics studio. The strength in our relationship comes from our deep commitment to each other, trust, and communication. We enjoy each other’s company and equal partnership in both our domestic and creative pursuits. After 18 years of building a life together, we can think of no better endeavor than raising a child to share in our love.

At our sweet little home, we have a ceramics studio in the garage and every sunny spot in our yard is planted with gardens. Dylan creates sculpture and pottery and Anna is usually mixing up potions and lotions from the herbs and wild plants she grows and gathers. We love fishing, harvesting wild food like mushrooms and berries and enjoy sharing our bountiful harvests by hosting dinners with our friends and neighbors. Cooking and eating together is an important daily ritual which connects us to each other. On quiet evenings, we might snuggle up for some mindless TV, a board game, or a book read aloud to each other.

We both teach ceramics, Dylan at the college level and Anna in high school. We see creativity as a lens through which to view the world and love working with young people, helping them to discover their creativity and to find meaning in their lives. We are makers and menders in all aspects of our lives which fits with our goal to live a conscientious and sustainable life. We also like to use our creative skills just for fun, making up song parodies and silly video skits or elaborate Halloween costumes. We can’t wait to embrace a child’s natural curiosity and have them join in our creative fun.

Through art and teaching we’ve learned to embrace ambiguity and complexity and would approach parenting with the same open-mindedness and thoughtful consideration. We envision raising our child to embrace their unique individuality but know they are part of something larger than themselves. We practice radical acceptance when it comes to the people in our lives and would raise our child with the same values.

We both come from big, close families full of siblings and cousins and family traditions that we value. They’re an important part of our lives though we live miles apart. We are fortunate to have many good friends in Portland who are like extended family and eager to be aunts and uncles to our child.

When Dylan’s sister adopted our niece, Ellie, eleven years ago, we saw what a beautiful experience open adoption can be. We look forward to welcoming our adopted child into our family, creating a safe and supportive home, and building lifelong relationships with their birth family. It would be the greatest honor of our lives to be chosen as adoptive parents.

Anna and Dylan

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