Angeline and Leah



We are Angeline and Leah. Thank you for reading our letter. The two of us were brought together twelve years ago by friends who thought we would be a good match. We’ve been in love ever since and have enjoyed lots of laughter, quality time together, a shared love of social justice, and exploration of the world around us. We have spent most of our relationship living in Seattle with a close community nearby. We are excited and ready to expand our family and become parents.

Angeline is an educator and works with students who are visually impaired. A romantic at heart, she plays guitar and writes Star Trek love songs in her band. She sees art everywhere—discolorations on buildings, the way light falls on things. She’s so excited to share the beauty she sees in the day to day with her child. Ever the optimist, she threads hope and gratitude into her life by taking joy in small moments such as walking amongst trees, hugs, and meals with loved ones.

Leah is a scholar finishing up a PhD degree in geography and migration – she plans to transition into a job as a professor in the next couple of years. Even though she is an intellectual and take her studies seriously, she likes to laugh and make other people laugh. No matter what she’s doing, she loves being active and engaged. Some of her favorite things to do are swimming in the lake, walking in the woods, biking, berry picking, going to music shows, and seeing movies. Before working at the university level, Leah was a teacher at an elementary school. Her favorite part of the job was the field trips – she gets personal joy from bringing kids to interesting places and being active with them. She can’t wait to bring her own kid (or kids!) on all kinds of outings.

We live together in a spacious two-bedroom apartment where there is always music playing. Our two gentle, affectionate kitties are named Odo and Dax and they both play very nicely with our nieces and friends’ kids. We are eco-conscious and emphasize saving water, recycling and reusing items. We live near a big beautiful park with trails and playgrounds where we walk on the trails, have picnics, and bring our kids’ friends.

After twelve years together, we got legally married in October 2019 and are excited to grow our family through an open adoption. We envision a family life that allows for our child’s true self to grow and that instills an understanding of shared responsibility for our world by teaching empathy and interconnectedness. We look forward to spending a lot of quality time with our child making things, playing, and learning together.

Openness aligns with our value of building a family in the spirit of togetherness. In openness we find connection, love and a path that benefits everyone. Our home and our hearts always have an open door – to our neighbors, friends, and family. We couldn’t imagine starting a family through adoption without transparency, and welcoming birthparents into our extended family. We look forward to spending as much time with our child’s birth parents as feels good for them and look forward to seeing how our adoption relationship evolves.

Warm regards,
Leah and Angeline

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