Anca and Mike


Dear Birthparents,­­­­

Our home is full of joy, creativity, curiosity, and warmth. And, we hope that in planning an adoption together, we can foster the most nurturing home possible for our future child: one in which he or she knows who they are and where they come from, and that they are loved by their parents, both biological and adoptive.

We are in our early/mid 30s and live in a historic Victorian house in the heart of Seattle, Washington. We have been married since 2008, and we moved here in 2009 from the East Coast. Anca is a creative writer working on her second and third novels, and she teaches writing to adults. Mike is an urban planner currently managing an affordable housing program, and he volunteers his time working with our community to create a new park. Mike is a goofball and can’t resist telling corny “dad jokes”, and Anca loves taking morning walks to look at the flowers and listen to the birds.

We look forward to sharing our home with our future child, cooking meals together, playing in the back yard, and walking to our neighborhood’s many parks. We are both well-educated and will nurture our child’s exploration of the world, their interests and curiosities. Our home is fun, intellectual, and artistic, and we will engage our child in everything from Saturday morning dance parties to quiet times with our noses in books. Our home reflects our individual and shared interests: shelves stuffed with books of all kinds; walls covered in framed maps and whimsical art; delicious smells from brunches (cheesy eggs and hash browns) and Sunday night feasts (potato pancakes and chicken paprikash); blues and jazz music on the radio; and mementos from our travels to Argentina, Japan, and Spain, among many other places.

Openness has always been a value in our home – we are honest and forthright, never afraid to share our thoughts, hopes, and fears with each other – and we envision extending these values to our child and to you. As we raise our child, we will always be up-front about their family, answering their questions with sensitivity, and celebrating what makes them – and what makes each of us – a unique individual. Life is full of surprises and opportunities, confusion and struggles, times when we need to figure out a solution ourselves and times when we need to rely on the compassion of others.

We look forward to meeting you and learning about your life, values, and aspirations. Thank you for considering us.


Anca & Mike

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