Anca and Mike



We are Mike and Anca. We look forward to growing our family through open adoption, and raising our child to know who they are, where they come from, and that they are loved unconditionally.

Our home is fun, artistic, and full of warmth. We are excited to share our lives with our child, visiting museums, playing in the backyard, and walking to neighborhood parks. We will expose our child to a variety of experiences – art, music, theater and dance; exploring nature and cities; and learning new languages. We value the importance of unstructured play and will encourage our child to explore the world on his or her terms, while providing attentive, nurturing support. As a family, we look forward to everything from Saturday morning dance parties to quiet times with our noses in books.

We have been married since 2008, and in 2009 we moved to Seattle from New York. Currently, we live in a historic house in the heart of Seattle. Our home reflects our many interests: shelves stuffed with books; walls covered in maps and art; delicious smells from the kitchen, where we love cooking together and spending quality family time; all kinds of music on the radio, especially jazz and blues; and mementos from our travels: Spain, Argentina, Japan, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Anca is a published author working on her second and third novels, and teaches writing to adults. Her career allows her to work from home with a lot of flexibility, and Anca looks forward to being home with our child. Mike is an urban planner currently managing an affordable housing program and leading projects to create public art and make streets safer. Mike is a goofball and can’t resist telling corny “dad jokes”, and Anca loves taking morning walks in our neighborhood to find inspiration for her writing.

Openness has always been a value we hold dear – we are not afraid to share our thoughts, hopes, and fears with each other – and we will extend these values to our child and his or her birth family. We will always be honest with our child about their story including their heritage, answering their questions with sensitivity, and celebrating together what makes them – and each of us – special.

Thank you for considering us.

Anca & Mike

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