Amy and Raymond



We are Raymond and Amy. Thanks for reading our letter! We are thrilled to grow our family through adoption!

We met in the winter of 2001 through mutual friends. Although we were in the same social circle, we didn’t start dating for a while – but as soon as we did, we knew that it was going to last. We are happy to be starting this new adventure of adopting together!

Raymond is outgoing, funny, and willing to do almost anything to help friends or family. He makes Amy’s days better in a thousand little ways. He is a great cook (self-taught!), and is always looking for new and interesting recipes. Amy is in awe of how good he is at teaching himself new skills, like photography and how to be a DJ. He loves trying new things – recently we tried blues dancing, and rock climbing may be next! He likes experiences that broaden his horizons, such as going to Burning Man and traveling to other countries. Raymond has a job in internet security.

Amy is kind and supportive, and deceptively quiet – she absorbs everything. Raymond admires Amy’s compassion; she helps children, takes great care of our pets and makes sure that he is taking care of himself. It’s easy to feel loved by Amy. Amy is a pediatric physical therapist. She works with infants and toddlers who need a little help learning to do things like roll over, crawl, or walk. In her spare time, Amy likes to read, knit, pet friendly cats and dogs, and tinker with an electronics kit.

We love spending time together, whether it’s cooking (we both love trying all kinds of foods), enjoying our favorite shows, or spending quiet weekends at the family cabin. We like to travel together – both big trips to other countries and short trips within our home state of Washington. We are mellow and easygoing; we enjoy just hanging out at home and we also love getting out and doing things. We like to have game nights with friends, go for short hikes, and explore the big city we live in. Our neighborhood brunch place knows our “usual” orders. We live in a large house with a roommate (our good friend Ravi) and a cat, and we hope to get another dog someday. We like the sense of community we get from sharing a house with a close friend.

Raymond has four children from a previous marriage who range in age from late teens to twenties. They live nearby and we enjoy seeing them regularly. The whole family gathers to celebrate birthdays and holidays, including all four parents. We are hoping that future celebrations with our child can include their birth family, too!

As we imagine being parents together, we look forward to seeing a child’s joy of discovery, and watching them grow from an amazing baby to an amazing adult. We hope to support their curiosity for the world around them and encourage their compassion for others.

Open adoption is important to us because it supports a meaningful relationship between the child, their birth family, and us. We hope that we all maintain a close bond throughout our child’s life and that this connection will provide love and support for everyone involved.

We wish you all the best!
Amy and Raymond

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