Amy and Jess


Hi! We are Amy, Jess, and Miles. We’re a silly, introverted family, living in Oregon. Our neighborhood is full of friendly people, happy little kids, wild turkeys, and fantastic walking trails and parks.

We met in 2007. Jess won Amy over with his creative goofiness and his passion for learning new things, and Amy won Jess over with her Super Puzzle Fighter II skills. We got married in 2011 and had our son Miles in 2015. Miles is a gentle kid with a big heart. He will talk your ear off about how cute our cats are, he will challenge you to a board game even though he doesn’t understand the rules, and he asks daily for a younger sibling.

Amy works part-time as a high school music teacher, and part-time as a stay-at-home mom. Jess is a professional video game designer, and he is constantly brainstorming new ideas for video games and board games in his free time. Amy also teaches a few piano students at home. Our house is often filled with the sounds of music and gaming.

Amy and Miles love to cook, and Jess loves to eat. We grow vegetables and fruits in our yard, and Miles loves to go outside to snack on blueberries and snap peas. Amy is always testing out new recipes and writing about them on her food blog. Miles has begun to invent his own concoctions, like “noop” (microwaved strawberry, cinnamon, sugar and flour). We also love going out to eat, and we eat sushi embarrassingly frequently.

We are lucky to live only 20 minutes away from Jess’s mom, the best grandma ever. Known to Miles as “Vovo,” she plays a large part in Miles’s life, and she cannot wait to do the same with her next grandchild. She is always introducing creative projects, researching fun things to do in town, and stepping in to provide countless hours of child care.

As parents, we have always prioritized openness and respect in our relationship with Miles. We let him make decisions whenever possible, we validate his feelings when he is unhappy, and we teach him to communicate his feelings with us and with others. This has become the rhythm of our family, and we think it will be a natural foundation upon which to welcome a new child and birth family into our lives.

We look forward to getting to know a birth family and sharing the experience of watching our children grow up.

Thanks for reading,
Amy, Jess, and Miles

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