Amy and Greg


Hi there,

We are Amy, Greg and Shep (the Golden Retriever.) We live in Portland, Oregon.

In our house we laugh a lot. We enjoy being silly and can make a trip to the grocery store fun. We’re curious, often exploring new places in our own city or abroad. We bounce off of each other in a really special way and often find ourselves finishing each other’s sentences or saying “I was just thinking that.”

We’re creative. Greg enjoys painting and works as a Senior Product Designer, designing digital experiences. Amy owns her own practice as a General Contractor specializing in interior design and remodeling.

We appreciate design, art and architecture. We have a fondness for Scandinavian design and were inspired by trips to Iceland, Denmark and Finland when we designed our home.

We value integrity, responsibility and communication. We have always been on the same page, discussing the big issues in life like children and adoption from the start of our relationship. Amy always felt connected to the idea that families are created in many different ways and was interested in adoption from a young age. Greg has always wanted to be a dad regardless of how that happened so adoption has always been our first choice for growing our family. Our values align so fittingly with open adoption, having the ability to share with our child where they come from and providing the opportunity to be connected to their history and heritage. We picture our child’s birth family becoming our extended family, being present and joining us for milestones in our child’s life. We are holding so much love for our child and their birth family.

When we look forward, we picture our little one fitting into our routine and lifestyle without skipping a beat. We have an active life, going for walks with Shep, cooking dinner together, exercising, exploring the world, going to museums, sporting events, shows and concerts or playing at the park. We also enjoy chill nights at home, watching a movie or show, listening to an audiobook or podcast. We like variety and can’t wait to see what interests our child has that we can help grow and support.

We’re so excited to be parents and welcome our child into a family and home that’s a place of open communication, warmth, creativity and new experiences.

Thank you for your interest in our family.

All our best,

Amy & Greg (and Shep!)

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