Amanda and Chris


We’re Amanda and Chris. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about the two of us and why we’re excited to become parents.

We met six years ago, and quickly knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Chris proposed 9 months later, on the eve of the 2010 Portland Marathon (which we both ran), and we’ve been sharing adventures ever since! We feel lucky to live in a vibrant neighborhood in Portland where the restaurants and unique shops we enjoy are all nearby. You know how some houses just feel like “home”? That’s our house. We loved it from the moment we walked through the front door and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Both of us enjoy what we do for a living. Chris is the Vice President of a company that manufactures car haulers (someone has to build these!) and Amanda works from home as a mortgage consultant. When we’ve finished working for the day, we fill as much time as possible with our family, friends, and the activities we enjoy most — running, biking, reading, trying out new restaurants, exploring our home state (from the coast to the mountains), and traveling to various places around the world (including Hawaii, Italy, and our annual trip to Disneyland).

Amanda is an experienced home cook, so it’s no surprise that she likes watching cooking shows, and hunting down new recipes on Pinterest (and eating dessert!). Chris loves spending time outdoors whether it is with a good book or taking care of the yard. Some of our favorite family traditions include Halloween pumpkin carving, hosting an annual Christmas open house, inviting our nieces and nephews over for sleep overs, and watching movies in our makeshift movie theater in the back yard.

Chris was born in Portland and lived in Taiwan until he was 10 years old, where his parents were missionaries. That experience gave him a true appreciation for various cultures and perspectives and the skill of adaptability he feels he wouldn’t otherwise have developed. Amanda and her three siblings grew up in McMinnville, Oregon where they were raised by their single mom, who was their “rock”. Amanda learned how to be independent and to try to make the best of situations.

Having a child, and cultivating family together, has been a lifelong dream for us both. We’re surrounded by a family who is waiting with open arms to welcome a child into our home. Because we care deeply about family, Open Adoption is the most natural choice. We wouldn’t dream of starting an adoptive family in any other way, and hope to form a lifelong relationship with our child’s birth parents.

As parents, we wish to pass on our beliefs regarding kindness, compassion, and serving others. Above all else, we want our child to know he or she is loved, and adored.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We are grateful for the opportunity to introduce ourselves, and hope to have the chance to get to know you as well. We believe that parenthood will be the greatest journey we will ever take together.