Alex and Ryan



We are Alex and Ryan and are honored that you are taking time to learn more about us. We have the utmost respect for what a difficult and complex decision considering an adoption plan must be. Adoption has completely changed our hearts and lives- and gave us the incredible privilege to parent our toddler son, Sterling. Our hope is to take this opportunity to share about who we are and the love and community any child in our home will be surrounded by.

Ryan is hard working, warm hearted, loyal and energetic. He enjoys being active and outdoors via CrossFit or wakeboarding, as well as doing house projects and supporting our family’s favorite sports team- the Trailblazers. Ryan’s analytical nature has allowed him to excel in his career in finance, as well as keep our home and family running smoothly and balanced. Alex is compassionate, social, driven and deeply values her relationships with others. She is the social planner of the family and is always finding new places for us to explore locally, as well as dreaming up our next vacation. Alex has spent the past eight years as an elementary school teacher at the school down the road but is currently taking some time off to focus on being a mom. She continues to guest teach occasionally at her old school, loves to read, enjoys connecting with other moms via playdates and blogging and maintains an active Barre3 practice.

Both of us grew up in NW Oregon and love having family local. Alex’s parents live one street over and Ryan’s mom is in a neighboring town. Our parents are very involved and important people in Sterling’s life. Our family is one that enjoys spending time together and is unique in the fact that we do all holidays jointly, with both sides present.

As parents, we are committed to being there every step of the way to guide and support our children in accomplishing their own dreams. Some of our favorite things to do together include traveling, adventuring around Oregon, and attending local activities. Ryan loves to teach through hands-on activities including building structures, playing with cars, gardening, swim class and toddler gymnastics. Alex adores taking Sterling to do fun activities and explore new places, reading with him and supporting him into developing into the unique and special person that he is.

The journey to grow our family was the greatest challenge of our lives to date. It included six years of procedures and multiple losses, all of which ultimately deepened our commitment to each other and desire to become parents. While on this path it became clear to both of us that we were meant to grow our family in another way. Sterling came to us at four weeks old, with a couple hours notice. We first met his birthmother that night and deeply value our open relationship with her. We have profound gratitude for her trust in us and are so grateful that Sterling will grow up always knowing his story and his birth family. We hope to have a similar connection with our next child’s birthfamily and can’t wait to welcome them all into our lives.

Our hope is to have a home filled with laughter, open communication, hard work, and joy. We strive to always be as open-minded and loving-hearted as possible and want to help instill those values in our children. As a family, we desire to live our lives in a way that will leave the world a better place than we entered it.

We hold you and your baby in our hearts as you embark on this journey and hope that you find peace in whatever decisions you may make in the future.

With love,
Alex and Ryan

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