Alan and Lily



We are Alan and Lily, thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We couldn’t be any more excited to become parents and grow our family through open adoption.

We first met and started dating in 2011, and have been married since 2016. We are lucky to own our own home in a quiet neighborhood of West Seattle. Our neighbors are super friendly and everyone knows each other. We live on a dead-end street, so, our neighborhood kids use the street for playing and the grownups spend lots of time together too. Our neighborhood has beautiful parks and good schools, including a newly built elementary school just blocks from our house. We think our neighborhood will be a wonderful place to raise our child because it feels like living in a small town in the middle of the big city. It reminds us of the small towns where we both grew up.

Alan is originally from Waterville, Vermont, where his mom Jenny and dad Oliver still live in the wood house they hand-built 40 years ago. The house is surrounded by acres of forest, fields, a vegetable garden and pond. Most of Alan’s extended family lives in Massachusetts; we love visiting them in the summer. We look forward to sharing family time in Vermont and Massachusetts with our child.

Lily grew up on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Lily’s mom Kathy and dad Alan recently sold their home on the Island to move to West Seattle in preparation for becoming grandparents and helping us with childcare. They now live a walk away from us, and we see them every week for anything from Costco runs to Sunday dinner.

Alan is an 8th grade history teacher at a middle school in West Seattle where he also helps coach the track team. Lily is a palliative and hospice care social worker at a hospital in downtown Seattle, she helps patients and their families cope with critical illness and death/dying. We are both committed to serving the community and helping make a positive difference in the world. Our jobs can be really difficult, so, we value the time we spend together outside work.

On work nights, Alan makes dinner for our family and we enjoy the quiet of our home and neighborhood. On weekends, Lily loves to make special breakfasts and we go for walks and bike rides around our neighborhood. We spend time working on our house and garden, and enjoy seeing our family and friends for home-cooked meals, movies, and outdoor adventures. We love to travel away from home for camping and cabin trips, and save up for plane tickets to visit family and friends living out-of-state. We’re proud to be part of a caring community and a big, loving family and can’t wait for that to grow with our child and their birth family.

Alan and Lily

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