Alan and JJ


Hi there. We are Alan and JJ. Thanks for choosing to read our letter. We’re excited to give you a glimpse into our crazy love story, inspirations, and dreams for building a family that’s warm and welcoming to you, and full of love for your child.

We met at a backyard BBQ in Memphis, TN 16 years ago. After three months of getting to know each other, Alan asked JJ to marry him. She said yes, and five months later we were married in the backyard of a preacher we didn’t know, being cheered on by the neighbors. Four days later, we tied the knot again in Costa Rica – this time in a private ceremony, just the two of us.

We make friends fast, and as JJ’s dad likes to say, “The two of you could have fun in a mud puddle!” We believe that sentiment to be right on. Our life together is full of laughs and happiness. That said, like everyone, we still face challenges, and we always find a way together. We believe that you don’t always have to take the traditional path.

A few months after getting married, we packed up and moved to the Pacific Northwest! We drove across the country in an old station wagon with our three-legged dog, Sierra. We had a small amount of money and an even smaller place to live. Oh, and everyone thought we were crazy.

We found work in the Pacific Northwest, and those jobs have turned into careers that we’re happy to have. We work in the creative field, and love doing work that’s fun and meaningful. Our flexible schedules give us extra time to pursue things we love like music, art, camping, and getting out of town. We have two adopted dogs, Memphis and Lil B. They love to swim, go to the dog park, and destroy things that squeak. They both love everyone, especially kids.

We’ve lived in our home for 13 years. It’s a cute bungalow we’ve fixed up along the way. Recently, we finished up a kitchen remodel which was a dream of ours, as cooking together and hanging out with family and friends are some of our favorite things.

Exploring new places and cultures is one of our passions. It’s inspired our diverse worldview and has given us empathy for lives outside of our own. Our extended community of family and friends comes from all walks of life. We cherish this diversity and how it enriches our daily lives.

Our dream is to provide a loving home for a child, and a warm relationship with his or her birth family, who we can’t wait to meet. Our hearts are big, and there is no shortage of love or seats at the table for anyone who is willing to join us on this journey.

We wish you the best as you make this important decision.
Alan & JJ

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