Adri and Morgan


We’re Adri, Morgan, and Maggie. We were thrilled to grow our family in 2017 when Maggie joined our family through open adoption. Maggie and her birth family have enriched our lives and her smart, caring, and curious personality is the best of all those who love her. We can’t wait to expand our family through open adoption again.

Morgan is our household techie, an avid reader, a TV aficionado, and political news junkie. She is caring, thoughtful, and patient. Morgan is reserved at first, but give her a bit of time and her quick wit will have you laughing. Morgan is a dedicated and doting Mom who connects intentionally with Maggie whether reading books, visiting museums, or watching ducks at the park. She’s so creative and is really good at imaginative play with Maggie.

Adri enjoys cooking, art, and traveling – preferably as a family and not for work. Adri is generous, ambitious, and kind. She has an adventurous spirit and loves to have fun. In 2010, Adri suggested on Thursday we drive to the Olympics and by Saturday we were in Vancouver watching an Olympic hockey game! Adri loves to cuddle and roughhouse with Maggie. She plans fun weekend activities and loves to be on the floor playing with blocks, Legos, or puzzles.

We both work in the tech industry – Adri full-time and Morgan part-time. We have made our home in the Portland area and feel this vibrant community is perfect for our growing family. During our free time we enjoy exploring the city, watching sports, and listening to music as a family. We have season tickets to the Portland Thorns and Maggie is quickly becoming a dedicated fan. We love to hear a variety of live music, from indie rock to jazz to symphony in the park. We especially enjoy going to farmers markets, libraries, and the zoo. We often cook together and actively involve Maggie in preparing and mixing ingredients. We also love spending time as a family in our backyard with our dog, Petunia. Petunia is a sweet Chihuahua mix great at playing fetch and cuddling.

We are thoughtful and intentional in our approach to life’s decisions, but we are mostly lighthearted and playful. We find humor in many different situations and make each other laugh every day. We love being parents and watching Maggie learn and explore new things daily. Maggie is an extremely joyful, kind, and fun tiny human. We look forward to growing alongside our kids, exploring the world together, and experiencing life through their eyes. We are eager to discover what fascinates each of our children and helping them develop their unique talents.

We have been blessed by an abundance of love from our friends and families and we want to share that love with our children. We are committed to an open adoption because we see constantly what a benefit this open and loving connection can be for our family and for Maggie. We envision making and holding space for another birth family so that each of our children will witness firsthand that love does not have limits. We want our child to find comfort in the open relationship between our families.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us. We understand the challenges that come with this decision and we are grateful for a chance to share our story.

With gratitude,
Adri and Morgan

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