Adam and Jackie


Hi! We’re Adam and Jackie! We are so excited to embark on this journey and greatly look forward to extending our family through open adoption.

We were both born and raised in Washington State. We live in a quiet suburban neighborhood close to Seattle where we are surrounded by nature and within walking distance of parks and restaurants. We love taking advantage of our close proximity to mountains and lakes for dog walks with our two dogs, Sammie & Chester, hiking, and skiing. We have current plans to build a home in or near North Bend.

Jackie is a passionate elementary school teacher who has been teaching since 2005. She falls deeper in love with teaching every year, is devoted to early childhood education, and her favorite part of her job is watching her students grow over time. In her spare time she enjoys reading, cuddling with our two pups, drinking espresso, dancing/fitness, gardening, spending time with family and friends, and watching movies, playing games, or doing puzzles with her hubby. She has also recently learned how to play the ukulele and loves improving her skiing skills!

Adam is a financial analyst for a local consulting firm. He enjoys that his job involves helping people and businesses solve problems. Essentially, he’s a numbers geek whose idea of a good time involves creating an excel spreadsheet. His biggest hobby is cooking and he loves to cook huge meals at home. His favorite thing to cook is Thanksgiving dinner, where we have hosted a total of 25 family members in our cozy home. Other than cooking, Adam looks forward to his nightly walks with Jackie and the dogs, going to the gym, reading, golfing, skiing, learning the ukulele, and playing video games. He also loves to host poker parties with ‘the guys’ and belongs to multiple fantasy sports leagues.

Being parents is in our nature. We cherish our time with our young nephew and our friends’ children, and have always dreamed of having a family. Jackie has a knack for communicating with children. Be it through song or conversation, she is able to capture the attention and admiration of her students. Adam has a keen ability to calm and entertain the young children in our lives, either through simply holding a crying baby or allowing a toddler to treat him as a jungle gym. Children are able to see the calming nature in Adam while recognizing that he won’t say no to play. We both very much look forward to nurturing our children, experiencing their breakthroughs and joys in life, consoling them when life is difficult, and taking them on adventures and being present when they learn new life lessons. We can’t wait to experience the trips to the zoo, birthday parties, the joy of Christmas morning, and all the other happy events that occur in a child’s life and we look forward to sharing these with our child’s birth family, too! Jackie always enjoyed and appreciated her blended family. She grew up with two sets of parents and multiple siblings which made for extra fun holidays and an ability to love with an open heart.

After many unsuccessful years of trying to conceive, we began looking into other ways of becoming parents. Our understanding and experience with adoption was of the closed adoption variety (we both have family members who are adopted). The more we researched our parenting options, the more we were drawn to open adoption. We have quickly become of the mind that open adoption provides the best experience for all people involved. We are so excited to not only bring a new child into our family, but to extend our family circle with our child’s birth family as well.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our letter and we wish you all the best on your journey.

Adam & Jackie

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