Adam and Gabe


Hi, we are Adam and Gabe.

We met and fell in love 15 years ago in Spokane, Washington, where Adam was attending college and Gabe was living with his parents after studying abroad in Germany. Early in our relationship, we knew we wanted to have children. Going through many transitions together—school, career changes, moving, and family struggles—has deepened our relationship. Our faithfulness, patience, and dedication to each other has kept us going strong, and we are excited share our life with a child and their birth family.

We recently bought a home in a quiet Seattle neighborhood. We enjoy growing orchids, houseplants and vegetables, so we often spend sunny days in the yard. Gabe volunteers as a board member for the independent elementary school a block away from our house. Adam loves to decorate, filling our home with cheer and warmth. We love pets—which currently include three fish tanks, one small wiener dog, Belle, and one large (and sassy!) cat, Fred. We have friends and family over often for meals, so our home has lots of laughter and usually something delicious cooking in the kitchen.

Our relationship stays in balance with the strengths each of us bring to the table. Adam is great at math, which is helpful in his job as an engineer working on road projects. Gabe is an attorney, representing consumers and people who have been injured. In his free time, Adam loves playing video games, reading science fiction, and spending time with his large family. Adam has seven brothers and sisters and countless nieces and nephews! Gabe enjoys working out, cooking vegetarian food, and reading German. We both love hanging out with our nieces and nephews, whether it’s going camping, exploring the city, cooking, or watching movies together, and we can’t wait to add a child to our family.

After learning about open adoption, it seemed like the right fit for us because we want to help our child know their birth parents and assist their birth parents in maintaining a connection with the child. We have a strong community including family members and close friends, and we are excited to welcome a child and their birth parents into our family as well. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about who we are.

Adam and Gabe

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