Adam and Amanda


We’re Adam and Amanda. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and our hopes for growing our family through open adoption.

We first met in an internet chat room in 2001 and found we had a lot in common. But dating each other at the time seemed absurd because we lived on opposite sides of the country. A year later, Amanda visited Seattle, where Adam was living, on a family vacation. We made plans to get together for burritos and, after also getting dessert, decided that dating long distance might be worth it after all. After two years of nightly phone calls, Adam moved out to North Carolina, Amanda finished school, we got married, and then moved back across the country. We now live at the base of a mountain in the suburbs near Seattle.

We both enjoy cooking and baking, visiting museums, reading, hiking, making music and playing video games. We appreciate each other’s dry sense of humor and spend a lot of time laughing with each other. We share an interest in science and a love of learning. Day to day, we communicate really well and work together as a team.

Amanda grew up in a rural town in Upstate New York as the youngest of five children. Adam describes her as introverted, friendly, and assertive when she feels passionately about something. As a child she loved books, and was often found reading under a large tree. She loved being outside, which led her to study Environmental Science in college. Today she teaches Biology at a community college, which she appreciates because she gets to work with students from all walks of life.

Adam was born in Omaha, Nebraska as the oldest of two children. Amanda describes Adam as introverted, amiable and kindhearted. He liked reading as a child, especially science fiction, and enjoyed playing with Legos. He was also fascinated with computers, which his parents encouraged, leading him eventually to study computer science in college and his career as a programmer.

Our journey to open adoption started through the foster care system. We parented a wonderful baby through his first year of life. In our time caring for him, we especially enjoyed reading time, going for walks and watching him delight in the world around him. When he was 13 months old, he was reunited with his birth family. Though we were extremely sad to see him go, we’re glad that we’ve maintained a relationship with his mom, and we still get to visit with them and watch him grow.

Our foster care experience has solidified our belief in the importance of openness in adoption. Open adoption will help our child maintain a connection to their story, and help us better understand our child. It enables our child’s birth family to stay connected to their child, and brings more love into everyone’s lives. We hope to genuinely connect with our child’s birth family so that we can learn more about each other, celebrate milestones together, and become a part of each other’s extended families. We are excited to welcome a child and their birth family into our lives.

Adam and Amanda

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