Caroline and Sheila



Thank you for reading our letter. We are Caroline (redhead), Sheila, and Nico. We became adoptive parents in 2017 and hope to grow our family through open adoption once more.

We met online in Boulder, Colorado, and realized we had mutual friends. Our fast friendship became a serious romance and after moving to Portland, Oregon, in 2005, we got married the next year (our legal wedding had to wait until 2013). Dealing with health issues, losses of friends and family, and infertility has made our relationship stronger over the years, and it’s helped us make peace with the unknown, which is essential for adoption and parenthood.

Sheila is creative (she’s working on a novel), funny, and curious. She’s a problem solver and genius researcher, which comes in handy with cooking, editing, and house projects. She’s a massage therapist in private practice (over 10 years) and taught at massage school. She loves biking to work and making up songs, from lullabies to clean-up songs.

Caroline is warm, loving, and a joy to be around! She comes up with lots of ideas, from pie-in-the-sky possibilities to first-things-first. She takes great care of herself, exercising regularly and eating what nourishes her body. She loves to play with Sheila and Nico–dancing, singing, and just plain being silly. She’s a mental health therapist in private practice.

Nico is an easy-going kid who gets excited about the little things, just like his Mama Caroline. He loves to sing and play music like his Mommy Sheila. He likes to direct people, like his Birth Mama Amy. We love him to pieces and can’t wait to bring a little sibling into his life. We are lucky to be in touch with his birth mom and have shared special moments like Nico’s adoption finalization, first birthday, and Thanksgiving dinner. Seeing their connection with each other is amazing, and we think he’ll grow up more secure in who he is.

We like to go on adventures and create memories, like spending Christmas with Sheila’s family in Alaska and taking a beach vacation with Caroline’s in the summer. The outdoors are important to us, like hiking, camping, and going to the coast. We value family dinners, and with Covid, we enjoy all of our meals together.

We love our open adoption and know it’s the best choice for our family. Every adoption is different, and we hope that our future open adoption will include connection with birth family. When love is shared, it multiplies. And as Caroline likes to say, “There’s always room at a round table.”

We wish you the best on your journey,
Sheila, Caroline, and Nico

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