Get ready for adoption at our waiting family pool parties.

Come mingle with your adoption community as OA&FS counselors guide you through small group activities that will build your adoption I.Q.

Waiting family Pool Parties are a ready-made way for prospective adoptive families to:

  • Get support from, and offer support to, others who are on the same journey.
  • Learn more about adoption-related topics that will better impact your adoption experience.
  • Feel more equipped to build a healthy open adoption relationship, with more tools and deeper understanding of other perspectives.
  • Have access to counselors to ask questions about your circumstances, agency services, trends or to get support. 
  • Form genuine friendships with other adoptive families and begin building your personal adoption community.

Here’s what you need to know.

  • Due to COVID, all Pool Parties will be held remotely via ZOOM.
  • Waiting family Pool Parties are social/education events for current OA&FS prospective adoptive parents who have not yet adopted.
  • There’s a two-year schedule of non-repeating topics, (see calendar below).
  • There will be two remote Pool Parties held per month, each with the same topic. Feel free to attend either.
  • You’ll receive a monthly email reminder. The monthly Adoptive Parent Bulletin will also include information about upcoming Pool Parties.


  • Remote Pool Party 1: Second Wednesday of each month.
  • Remote Pool Party 2: Third Tuesday of each month.
  • Pool Parties are held from 6:30-8:00 pm.


  • Call 1-800-772-1115 or email at least one day prior to the meeting.
  • You’ll be provided a meeting link and instructions for joining when you RSVP.

Pool Party schedule.



June – August 2020
Summer Break
September 2020
Open Adoption Relationships during COVID: Relationship Building and Staying Connected
October 2020
Hospitiousness in Action – Creating a Successful Open Adoption Relationship
November 2020
Last Minute Placements – Everything you Need to Know
December 2020
No Pool Parties this month
January 2021
Adoption Nuts & Bolts, Understanding ICPC, ICWA, Adoption Assistance and Legal Issues
February 2021
Mindfulness & Coping with the Wait
March 2021
Adoption Planning – What to Expect
April 2021
The Hospital Experience
May 2021
Promoting a Healthy Attachment with Your Child
June – August 2021
Summer Break
September 2021
OA&FS Picnics – No Pool Parties this month
October 2021
 Infant Care
November 2021
 Navigating Screening Emails
December 2021
 When Birthparents struggle with Mental Illness or Substance Abuse
January 2022
OA&FS Holiday Parties – No Pool Parties this Month
February 2022
Adoption Constellation Panel
March 2022
Transracial Adoption
April 2022
Meeting Your Adopted Child’s Needs
May 2022