Get ready for adoption at our waiting family pool parties.

Come mingle with your adoption community as OA&FS counselors guide you through small group activities that will build your adoption I.Q.

Waiting family Pool Parties are a ready-made way for prospective adoptive families to:

  • Get support from, and offer support to, others who are on the same journey.
  • Learn more about adoption-related topics that will better impact your adoption experience.
  • Feel more equipped to build a healthy open adoption relationship, with more tools and deeper understanding of other perspectives.
  • Have access to counselors to ask questions about your circumstances, agency services, trends or to get support. 
  • Form genuine friendships with other adoptive families and begin building your personal adoption community.

Here’s what you need to know.

  • Waiting family Pool Parties are social/education events for current OA&FS prospective adoptive parents who have not yet adopted.
  • There’s a two-year schedule of non-repeating topics, (see calendar below).
  • All offices will offer the same monthly topic.
  • Nights and times are standardized by office. For each month that a pool party is held, Seattle’s will be on the second Tuesday, Eugene second Wednesday and Portland third Wednesday.
  • You’ll receive a monthly email reminder, plus, announcements with dates and topics will run in monthly Adoptive Parent Bulletins.


All Pool Parties will be held in OA&FS offices. Addresses are:

Portland Office:
Open Adoption & Family Services
5200 SW Macadam Ave., Suite 250
Portland, OR 97239

Eugene Office:
315 West 10th Ave.,
Eugene, OR 97401

Seattle Office:
Open Adoption & Family Services
2815 Eastlake Ave. E  #160
Seattle, WA 98102


  • Portland: Third Wednesday of each month
  • Eugene: Second Wednesday of each month
  • Seattle: Second Tuesday of each month (Exceptions: February date is 2/19/19, March is 3/21/19)


All offices will hold their Pool Parties from 6:30-8:00 pm.


Call 1-800-772-1115 or email at least one day prior to the meeting.


Families who live far away from our offices can join the Pool Parties via Google Hangouts. You’ll be given instructions when you RSVP. Google Hangouts will be hosted by a designated office each month. October and November will be hosted by Portland.

Pool Party schedule.



September 2018
OA&FS Summer Picnic (no Pool Party)
October 2018
Hospitiousness in Action, Creating a Culture of Openness Creating a Successful Open Adoption Relationship
November 2018
Last Minute Placements -Everything You Need To Know
December 2018
Holiday Gatherings PDX/Eug, Topic Seattle:  
Logistical Nuts & Bolts – Understanding ICWA, ICPC, Adoption Assistance, Birthfather Rights & Legal Issues
January 2019
Holiday Gathering Seattle, Topic PDX/Eug:  
Logistical Nuts & Bolts –  Understanding ICWA, ICPC, Adoption Assistance, Birthfather Rights & Legal Issues
February 2019
Mindfulness and Coping with the Wait 
March 2019
What to Expect After Being Chosen
April 2019
The Hospital Experience
May 2019
How to Promote A Healthy Attachment with your Child
June – August 2019
September 2019
OA&FS Summer Picnic (no Pool Party)
October 2019
Infant Care for Adoptive Parents
November 2019
Meeting Your Child’s Needs: Post Adoption Resources
December 2019
Holiday Gathering PDX/Eug. Topic for Seattle: Lifestory Books
January 2020
Holiday Gathering Seattle. Topic PDX/Eug: Lifestory Books
February 2020
Transracial Adoption
March 2020
When Your Child’s Birthparents Struggle with Mental Illness or Addiction
April 2020
How to Handle Screening emails
May 2020
Hear From a Panel of Adoption Triad Members
June – August 2020