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Your contribution makes a significant impact in our ability to provide the vital services that our community needs. Our high integrity open adoptions are anchored by the all-options pregnancy counseling that has always been core to our mission and is more important than ever given the recent shifts in reproductive rights. When the choice is adoption, our unique open adoption program centers the needs of the child and provides ongoing counseling support for the entire adoption constellation. Thank you for considering a gift to OA&FS.

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All-options counseling is part of reproductive freedom.

The ripple effects of the overturning of Roe v. Wade place renewed focus on the critical need for all-options pregnancy counseling. We at OA&FS are uniquely positioned to meet that need.

Pregnancy decisions are deeply personal. When people reach out to OA&FS, our counselors meet them where they are. We help them access the information, support and resources that empower them to make the choice that feels best. That’s why we created – and are guided by – this Expectant Parent Bill of Rights.

When people are facing an unintended pregnancy, we believe they’re entitled to …
  • Be treated with respect, compassion and acceptance;
  • Receive unbiased pregnancy options counseling from qualified counselors;
  • Freely explore their options without pressure or judgment;
  • Have access to information about all of their pregnancy options; and
  • Make the choice that feels best for them.

In this critical point in history, adoption has been thrust into the spotlight, touted by some as an easy alternative to abortion. This deceptive and harmful claim increases the risk of unethical practices and coercion when people are at their most vulnerable. The free all-options counseling services that are at the heart of our mission are now more important than ever.

Your donation will support us in continuing to provide these essential counseling services at no cost. In this way, we can all help protect the reproductive rights and bodily autonomy that every person deserves.