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Every adoption touches many lives and introduces a new constellation of people to serve.

From our agency’s beginnings in 1985 to today, we have provided all-options pregnancy counseling to thousands of people and placed over 1,500 children. Every adoption touches many lives and introduces a new constellation of people to serve. Your donation provides the support we need to bring vital services to our ever-expanding community. As our community grows, so does our understanding of the complexities of adoption.

Your donation will help us:

  • Increase program visibility to connect our unique, high-integrity services to those who need them most.

  • Promote diversity, equity and inclusion in adoption practices.

  • Expand the pre-adoption training and support that equips adoptive parents to meet their children's needs.

  • Offer a deeper level of post-adoption support to a greater number of families.

  • Train service providers to create awareness of best practices in open adoption and pregnancy options counseling.

“Speaking with an OA&FS counselor has been invaluable to me. Having an unbiased person to talk to has been wonderful and I’m so glad to know your agency is in this community.” – Expectant Parent

In our all-options pregnancy counseling program, 9 out of 10 people who reach out to us for options counseling choose parenting or abortion. We are here to support them in whatever decision they make.

"What a wonderful experience this agency has given me!! Just got off a Zoom meeting with other birth moms, including my sister!! I can't express how blessed I feel to be able to be a part of this!"

– Birth Parent

Our counseling staff provides ongoing post-placement counseling plus opportunities for birth parents to connect with each other through retreats, gatherings and social media. 

“OA&FS puts thought and care into the full lives, experiences, and emotions of all parties.”

– Prospective Adoptive Parent

Through our program, prospective adoptive parents explore the emotional and logistical issues involved in planning and living an open adoption.

 “When we were driving to the birth family’s home for the very first time, I remember feeling totally calm. I realized it was because we had been so well prepared for that exact moment by OA&FS”.

– Adoptive Parent

We provide support and guidance as birth and adoptive families build and nurture their child-centered open adoption relationship. 

“I remember being a new receptionist at Planned Parenthood over 11 years ago and hearing a presentation from OA&FS. It changed my approach to options counseling and made me better at my job on a deeply personal level.” 

– Service Provider

Our trainings and webinars enable helping professionals to make informed referrals and empower their clients to access relevant, high-integrity services.