Birth Parent Pioneers

Posted by Sally Shuey | Last updated March 9, 2022

By Shari Levine: What are the core components of a genuine and fulfilling open adoption? I set out to identify and explore the unique ingredients that birth parents and adoptive parents bring to the table to create not just a good open adoption, but a great open adoption. I wanted to learn more about how we as an agency can foster and develop those key qualities.

I interviewed two pioneer birth parents, Melissa and Garrett, who 20 years ago invested their hopes and dreams in a new adoption model, called open adoption. Join me as we step into their world, their perceptions and experiences that have spanned the last two decades and profoundly touched the lives of many.

As I interviewed them, I set my original questions aside and followed their lead which uncovered new themes that I hadn’t considered. The thread that brought together the stories of Melissa and Garrett, the children they placed and the adoptive parents they entrusted them to, were the elements of choice and validation in their open adoptions.

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