Victor and Brett



We are Victor and Brett. Thank you for reading a bit about us and why we are starting our adoption journey.

We met 14 years ago through a chance encounter on the Washington, D.C. metro.  A day after first seeing each other at a social group, we happened to both be getting on the same subway car. Brett was a recent college graduate with a friendly smile, and Victor was a shy Russian finishing a year-long State Department fellowship. As the saying goes, “it’s a small world!” Brett was drawn to Victor’s endearing humor and distinctive background, raised in a coastal town in the eastern part of Russia. Although Victor had to return to Russia, he decided after meeting Brett the U.S. was where he was meant to be. When the U.S. government granted Victor permanent residency in 2002, our relationship no longer had to be long-distance. Since then, our life has been a little less exciting, but much more stable. We officially married in 2012, and are proud to call D.C. home. We have decided to expand our family through adoption as we are eager to offer a child a happy, nurturing home.

We live in a two-bedroom townhouse, not far from downtown, joined by our friendly little cat, Luka. Our leafy neighborhood offers access to a renovated library, farmers’ market, playground, and good schools. To relax, we go for walks after dinner, or spend weekend mornings reading the paper at one of the local coffee shops.  We both love to cook (Victor’s mom is a chef), and look forward to making healthy home-cooked meals a part of our family’s routine.

Aside from exploring the world, Victor has spent many years working in finance for a large non-profit. Victor enjoys volunteering with an exchange program for students coming to study in the U.S. He has also developed a passion for adventure travel — whether descending into the crater of volcanoes in Iceland or crossing the border into North Korea. Yet Victor is generally quiet, responsible and generous. Brett is naturally inquisitive, a sociable guy who is a good listener. Brett recently joined the federal government where he does analysis for a national survey of households. His conscientious nature leads him to work hard, though he prefers collaboration to competition. Thus he regularly serves as an election worker at the polls and tutors for a school reading program. He’s often running or biking in the large park nearby, where he also plays in a tennis league.

Brett’s family lives in Oregon and Victor’s is in Russia, but we remain close through regular calls and visits. Similarly we would embrace having you be included as a regular part of the family as we feel this is key to making open adoption work. We are ready to make room in our home and hearts for others! We want the child we raise to feel the love and sense of identity that an extended adoption family can offer.

As parents, we hope to raise a child who values the golden rule, feels comfortable sharing his feelings, and is both curious and secure enough to explore the world around him. As reading is a great way to discover the world, we plan to introduce him to a wide range of books. As a bonus, we plan to share our love of languages so that he can grow up to be multilingual.

We admire the steps you are taking to make the right choice for your child and are excited to continue our adoption journey with you should that be your decision.

Our warmest wishes,

Brett & Victor

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