Ryan and Kim


Hi, we’re Ryan and Kim. Thanks for taking the time to read our letter and learn more about us.

Ryan was born in our hometown, and grew up in Germany before moving back to the area. He is a child development counselor, while working towards becoming a principal. Ryan loves children, and children adore him. He often finds himself dressed as the school Santa, orchestrating games on recess duty, or leading school assemblies. Kim was speechless when he came home with pink hair after letting the kids dye at a school assembly. Luckily, it was washable! Ryan is also an officer in the Coast Guard Reserves. In his free time Ryan enjoys spending time with his family, camping, hiking, and all things outdoors. If you asked Kim, her favorite qualities about Ryan would be his desire to better himself through hard work, his positive attitude and outlook, and his love for his friends and family.

Kim was raised in the town that we  reside in, and works as a 911 dispatcher. She loves the excitement of not knowing what each day will bring, and it’s a constant reminder as to what is truly important in life. Kim has always been close to her family, and always had companions in her two sisters. She enjoys spending her down time with her sisters, niece and nephews, including most recently on a surprise trip to Disneyland. Besides her dedication to family, and her big heart, Ryan loves that Kim is a driven person. He appreciates how hard she works in her career while still finding time to keep a good sense of humor and put family first. She also enjoys being with friends, traveling, reading, gardening, and trying to trick Ryan into helping her with fun projects around the house. Kim’s DIY projects have a way of turning into Ryan’s DIY projects, but he is always a trooper!

We’ve been married nine years, and have a great way of balancing each other out. Some passions we share are our love for our home state of Oregon and that it allows us to be close to family. Whether it’s a spooky Halloween dinner at Ryan’s parent’s house, our annual snow trip with Kim’s siblings, catching up on our ‘we promise to only watch these together’ shows, or just a big family dinner, our family is our number one priority. We often joke that our parents probably thought we would grow up and move away in our adult lives, but instead we ended up just down the road! It’s not abnormal to walk into a family dinner at Ryan’s parent’s house and find some of Kim’s family sitting around the table. We are truly lucky to have such a great support system in our lives, and are excited to add you and your family to that.

We are excited to grow our family through adoption. We look forward to many years of gatherings, birthdays, and barbecues. Beyond that, we want the type of relationship where we can send you a funny text or email, and know that you will get the joke behind it and laugh. We want to be able to ask you why our child may like or dislike something, and you will be able to enlighten us. We know this will take effort, but we also know it will be worth every ounce of it.

We appreciate you taking the time to get to know a little more about us.

Ryan and Kim







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