Martin and Carmen


Hello, we are Martin and Carmen.

We met 7 years ago and it is somewhat of a miracle that we found each other. We both grew up in Germany but didn’t know each other until we met in the Seattle area, which is now our home. Five years ago we got married and have been inseparable ever since. We feel that being open and respectful with each other is especially important in a lasting relationship.

We spend most of our weekends enjoying the company of our friends while hiking, discovering new places, playing games and spending time at each others’ houses for dinner. We love to travel and visit our families and friends back in Germany about once a year. In-between visits we keep contact with phone and video calls. Here in Seattle, we’ve made our own local family, a close circle of friends that we have fun with and can depend on. Everyone in our extended families is just as excited about open adoption as we are.

As a child, Martin would take apart his toys just so he could see how they work. Later on he studied computer science and is now a software engineer at a video game company. He loves his job, which is challenging and rewarding. But he would still much rather build and fly his model planes every day. He is always curious, trying new things and patient to learn new skills. Taking care of the house and yard is more a fun hobby than a duty to him. Martin gets easily excited about little things and then has to share them with everybody else. He is the perfect combination of smart, funny and kind.

Carmen grew up in a small town on her parent’s winery. All throughout school she enjoyed dancing and competitive track and field. Carmen was a massage therapist for 11 years and now works in a medical office, which really serves her need for helping people live better lives. Her passion for sewing has evolved into making elaborate purses and handbags. She is an amazing cook and her culinary creativity has no limits. Once Carmen gets hooked on a new adventure novel, she won’t stop until it’s finished. She is a very loving person with a great sense for the people around her.

With both of us being native German speakers, we would raise our child to be bilingual and educate them beyond what they are being taught in school. Imparting knowledge of our German culture and that of other countries would expand our child’s horizon and make them open-minded to experiences in all areas of life. We believe that taking care of others and our environment is a responsibility we all share. At the same time we believe in enjoying life and having fun. We hope to instill a sense of all this into our child. Thankfully, Martin’s job stability would allow Carmen to be a stay-at-home parent and dedicate all her time to care for our growing family.

Open adoption is the natural choice for us since denying someone the right to know their biological parents seems incomprehensible. We would love for our child to know as much as they can about where they come from and have an ongoing relationship with the birth parents. We are excited for the future, for our growing family, and by sharing trust, honesty, commitment and open communication in our family, we can overcome any challenges along the way and build a loving relationship. Our hope for the future is that we all become part of one big family and that we get to spend not only important occasions, such as birthdays and holidays together, but also have frequent contact throughout the year. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Martin & Carmen

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