Jesse and Tori


Hello, we are Tori and Jesse.  We were born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and grew up in Snohomish County. In high school Jesse was very active in sports and played football, baseball, and basketball.  Tori spent her free time on road trips with her sisters, camping and surfing. We both work for fire departments in the area, and Tori is a flight paramedic for our search and rescue helicopter team.

We were both fresh out of school and practicing paramedics when we met in Wenatchee.  After a short engagement we were married amongst all of our friends and family.  Life has already taken us many different directions from vacationing in Hawaii to Tori’s medical mission in Haiti after the earthquake.

We bought our first house in Snohomish County on 5 acres and spend the majority of our time tending to our small farm.  Since we are both firefighters with alternative schedules, we have a little extra time to take care of our two dogs, two cats, two goats, three cows, and lots of chickens.  Tending to the garden and eating our delicious homegrown food has been a wonderful addition to our life together.  We hope to instill the desire for hard work and great rewards in our child.  Our dream is to have one parent home full time to ensure our child will always have at least one parent to play, learn, and grow with. Raising cows and pigs and a garden that keeps us fed year round is a great responsibility and we are so excited to have a little one to share that with.

When not gathering eggs or feeding the goats, we spend most of our time outside.  Hiking and backpacking are still our favorite getaways.  Camping under the stars in Lake Chelan has been a tradition in Tori’s family since she was a child and we plan on going every year.  Enjoying a snack next to a lake in the Cascades on a day hike makes us incredibly happy, while barbecues at our house bring the whole family together and the memories are plentiful.  Road tripping in our Subaru has taken us across the country and given us so much time to talk about our future, our hopes, and our dreams.  That same Subaru is handy to carry both road and mountain bikes for Jesse on day rides around the Puget Sound and Cascade Mountains.  Fitness has always been important to us and we have converted our two car garage into a home gym which we share with our entire family and friends when they come to visit.  We hope to encourage our child to be as healthy and active as they can be in order to enjoy all life has to offer.

Our biggest hope is a home filled with children.  Tori is one of eleven children; six sisters and five brothers, most of whom are within a half hour of the house and are over all the time.  Our nieces and nephews already number more than 20 and that number is going to climb for a very long time.  Jesse has a brother and two sisters.  Kyle, Jesse’s brother was placed for adoption at birth when Jesse was 10.  This closed adoption unfortunately cost our family 18 years without knowing Kyle, but when we met in 2008 we felt an instant connection.  An open adoption is such a blessing for both families.  We would love to have a long-lasting and full relationship with our child’s birth family, one that will offer answers to the questions our child may have.

We are so excited to continue this journey and start making new memories.  Thank you for taking the time to read about us.


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