Jenn and James


Hi! We’re Jenn and James. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us!

We both grew up in Washington State and met through mutual friends at a Halloween Party in 2008 and we hit it off right away.  James loves Jenn’s kind and nurturing nature and her ability to have fun and make friends in any situation. She likes to cook meals for friends when they are sick, babysit our friends’ kids, and bake cupcakes for co-workers and neighbors. Jenn loves that James is so open and always up for any adventure. He’s never said no to any idea that Jenn suggests whether that is getting coffee and driving around to look at Christmas lights, or getting a vacation cabin in the mountains or at the beach. She also appreciates his sense of humor and hilariously cheesy jokes. We live in Tacoma, Washington with our two dogs, Hank and Xena. We live close to many parks, restaurants, bike trails, several beaches and the zoo.  Our neighborhood regularly hosts fun events such as the farmer’s market and several arts and music festivals during the summer.

Jenn works in social services and has spent her career working with people who suffer from severe mental illness, homelessness and addiction issues. She is passionate about helping those in need and giving back to her community. In her spare time she loves anything music related; she grew up playing the violin and is getting ready to start fiddle lessons!  She enjoys gardening; especially veggies (her favorites are snap peas and tomatoes), and likes being creative and working on any crafty project, from knitting to making jewelry or homemade cards.  She also enjoys reading, crossword puzzles or games (board games, Scrabble, cards), and loves spending time with friends and family. While she considers herself a planner and an organizer, she has a laid back personality and may be spotted with wild hair colors or being easily talked into an impromptu road trip.

James works as a Data Analyst/Project Manager for a manufacturing company. He loves problem solving and figuring out how things work and regularly impresses Jenn with his memory and his skill of doing complicated math in his head. In his spare time James enjoys running and biking, hiking and backpacking, and working on projects around the house, especially if it involves building or fixing things. He loves sports and enjoys watching any game he can find. He follows all the local Seattle teams; Seahawks, Mariners, and Sounders. He is easy going and funny and while he thinks he is an introvert; he is very friendly and welcoming and can strike up a conversation with anyone he meets.

We have both always wanted to be parents but discovered that we wouldn’t be able to get pregnant. That’s when we learned about open adoption and we are so excited to be embarking on this journey.  We imagine our family home to be filled with laughter and joy. We want our child to feel unconditionally loved and to feel free and safe to be his or her unique self. We will support our child in exploring and pursuing their interests, whether academic or for fun. We have a wonderful community of friends and family, many with children, who are all very excited to welcome a child into our family.

When we began learning about adoption, open adoption was an obvious and natural choice for us. We value honesty and authenticity and we want our child to know their story and their roots. We would love for him or her to have a connection with their first family and we believe the more people to love a child, the better! We truly believe that parenting is a gift, and we are honored to be considered. If this is also the right path for you, we look forward to welcoming you into our life.


Jenn and James

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