Hello reader:

I’m Jen. I live in Seattle, in a house that looks at the lake. I’m hoping to become a mom.

I can’t imagine where you’re at right now in your life, wrestling with such big questions. All I can say is how brave I think you are. I feel like even you reading this is already the start of this child’s story: the place where you and I meet.

In some ways I’ve lived my life backwards, starting with work and travel and finally moving to Seattle to be close to my family, especially my nieces. Over the last four years, I’ve learned a lot about parenting. I’ve lived with my 2 nieces and brother and sister-in-law and as I settled into Seattle. I know that a cranky 3 year-old probably needs food or a nap. I know how to sneak veggies into mac and cheese. These snacks and naps are the details of parenting.

I see my true job as a parent as holding the highest aspirations for my child.

I think there is no one truer to themselves than a child. Kids are so clear about what is right. As a parent, there is nothing for me to fix. I am there to help them become the amazing person they are meant to be.

But yes, snacks and naps are also important! I work 4 days a week as the head of strategy at an advertising agency and have a flexible schedule so on a hot sunny day, I can pop home and take a little one swimming. We will also have a web of supporters: my brother and sister-in-law who live up the street with my nieces; my parents, who are moving to Seattle to be close to current and future grandkids; a nanny, hopefully the same nanny that helped raise my nieces.

Writing this I realize it’s not just me waiting for this baby, it is all of these people! I already have a sign up for baby-snuggling from friends whose kids are now too grown and energetic to sit still in a parent’s arms.

Adoption opens the door to this. Whatever role you choose to play in the future, know that I will always see how we did this together. My hope for us is simple: That we always see how each of us is doing our best for this little person.

When I think about my path, I am so thankful for all that I know and all that I’ve seen. All I am able to pass on.

Now I’m ready for my next phase: helping this amazing little person become exactly who they are meant to be.

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