Gretchen and Tak


Hi, we’re Gretchen, Tak, and our son Jackson. We are excited to have this opportunity for you to get to know us better.

Four years ago, we met while dancing and have been inseparable since. Gretchen had been a single parent for Jackson for nearly 12 years when we met – his father hasn’t been in the picture, by choice, so Jackson was raised with the love of his mother and two doting grandmas until Tak came along. Meeting Gretchen was a dream come true for Tak, and meeting Jackson that first time was the perfect beginning to his family. The two “boys” quickly bonded over video games, Nerf battles, and just plain being goofy together. A few years ago we got married, and Tak adopted Jackson as his son.

We live in Portland, where Gretchen works as a special education teacher. It’s pretty strenuous work, but without a doubt it’s the most rewarding job she could have with her love of kids and desire to make sure that kids of all needs and abilities have the opportunity to learn and achieve to their potential. Tak is a communications director for a regional nonprofit, enabling literacy and a love of reading in people of all ages. A born storyteller, Tak is most comfortable with a book in his hand or writing something, and can pretty much always be found with headphones on. A love of music is something that we both share, along with good books and spending time together.

When we’re not at work, we enjoy going out for breakfast, hitting the zoo, spending time with family, heading to the coast, and just being curled up binge watching the latest Netflix show. Tak and Jackson also make sure that Gretchen sees every superhero film, whether she wants to or not.

We are excited to expand our family with another child through open adoption – a process that means quite a bit for us as both Tak and Gretchen have closed adoption in our immediate families. We’re very close with our families and talk to or text with various members many times a week. Because of the experiences of our family members, we’re excited by the opportunity for our future child to understand the richness of their family history and background through open adoption. We see the blending of our unique stories and history is one of the greatest gifts we can give our future child, and look forward to this process and to the lifelong friendships we hope to have with the birth family.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter!

Tak, Gretchen and Jackson

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