Evan and Kellie



We’re Evan and Kellie. We love spending time in the wilderness, reading books, enjoying music, and hanging out with friends and family. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us a little better!

We met in 2011 through friends and enjoyed a whirlwind first two years that included snowshoeing, hiking, international travel, and a healthy amount of merriment with friends. We married in 2013, each excited to have found a partner so loving, respectful, and understanding. Our relationship is built on the foundation that we’re always on the same team.

Kellie grew up in Spokane, Washington and has been a high school biology teacher in the Seattle area for almost 10 years. She loves her job and the kids so much. Kellie is also an avid reader and is very close to her family, which includes her mom, step-dad, grandmas, step-mom and sisters among others in her blended family. We visit Spokane a couple times each year, plus frequent trips to Puyallup to visit her sister’s family.

Evan grew up in California and moved up to Seattle in 2008 to work in the tech industry. Working with his coworkers at a startup is a lot of fun, and outside of work you can find him out backcountry skiing, hiking, or cycling. He also has been playing piano and violin since he was a kid, and Kellie loves listening to him play. We joined forces to convince Evan’s parents to move to Seattle, and they’ve just settled in a few miles from our house. Having family close by is great!

Together, we enjoy traveling, reading, cooking, playing outside, and going for walks through our neighborhood. We have two cats, Leo and Farrah, and also a little bird, Phin, who loves to sing in the mornings. Our home is in Seattle, nestled into a neighborhood full of old trees. It’s a regular dog and baby parade outside our house and we’re excited to walk or bike our child to one of the nearby schools someday.

We’ve always known we wanted to start a family and have been given the chance to think through many of our family plans and values in this process of adoption. Kellie plans to stay home with our child for the majority of the time while he/she is growing up, teaching just a couple of classes at the school where she currently works. We hope to raise our child with compassion and understanding for all kinds of people, and to be a positive force in their community. Many of our close friends are also starting families of their own, and we look forward to sharing a life filled with frequent visits to friends and family both close and far from Seattle. When we can’t be with those that are close to us, we regularly send messages and pictures to keep in touch. Family is a naturally inclusive term for us, and we feel blessed to receive the “Aunt & Uncle” titles even with friends’ children.

We believe in open adoption. From an early age, Kellie wanted open adoption to be part of her life, and we’ve made this a family goal together. Our dream is to have a child who knows and loves their birth family and has relationships with as many members of the birth family as possible. Kellie grew up in a blended family and has many grandparents and has really loved the impact that they have all had on her life. We believe that openness in our relationship with the birth family will bring about so much joy for everyone involved. The great thing about open adoption is that nobody has to ever say goodbye. More people to love a child is always a great thing.

Thank you again for taking the time to get to know us a little better – we wish you the best.

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