Debbie and Mark


Hi! We are Mark, Debbie, Nic and Morgan. We are so excited to grow our family through adoption! This is probably the millionth letter you’ve read, your head and heart may be spinning and every letter may read blah, blah, blah at this point. We can only imagine what a difficult decision and process this must be for you. We want you to know that we think you are full of courage, strength, love and selflessness to get to this point. We hope this letter gives you a sense of who we are and that we aren’t too“blah” for you.

We met at a Cinco de Mayo house party. Mark was the host and Debbie was the “party crasher” (but in her mind, she was the “party starter”! We talked all night in Mark’s kitchen about sports, careers and Debbie’s son Nic. It was almost like in the movies where two people see each other from across the crowded room and everyone seems to disappear and the love music starts to play. Except in our case, the music was some funky house music and the people disappeared because the cervezas were in the backyard. Thirteen years later, the music is still playing! This may all sound a little corny but that’s a little of who we are. We are corny, full of laughter and smiles, love and support, adventure and fun. We love to spend summers at Debbie’s parents home in central Washington where we golf, water ski, wake board/surf, kayak, fish, hike and just hang out with the family. During winter we love to take ski/snow board vacations.

Mark works in sales for an insurance company in Bellevue. He never dreamed or imagined doing what he’s doing, but he does enjoy where his career has taken him. He does a great job of balancing work and home life and makes his family his #1 priority. Mark is loving, patient, funny, smart, supportive, confident, energetic, athletic and well, a big dork! The perfect mix for the most amazing husband to Debbie and dad to Nic and Morgan. He is friends with everyone and is always fun to be around. Debbie’s contagious laugh and infectious smile make you feel like the funniest person around! She’s open minded and always interested in new experiences and challenges in life. She’s outgoing, witty, compassionate and extremely honest and trustworthy. Children gravitate to her and friends of ours would rather have Debbie watch their kids than their own parents!

Nic is an amazing son and person! He is smart, funny, athletic, compassionate, respectful and well, like Mark and Debbie a big dork! He has been the best big brother to Morgan we ever could have wished for. He actually looked forward to helping with the late night feedings (as long as they were not on a school night) and didn’t flinch at the thought of changing a stinky diaper. He is a big supporter to Morgan and will be to his little sis/brother and is a wonderful role model. He is off to college and living on his own but will be home plenty to bond with his new sibling. Morgan was adopted thru Open Adoption & Family Services in 2010. She is funnier than a fart and smarter than the average bear! She keeps us on our toes and rolling with laughter. To say Morgan is excited to be a big sister is an understatement! She has a wonderful relationship with her birthparents and birth brothers as do we. We love spending time with them and seeing them love and spoil Morgan.

We live in a suburb outside of Seattle. Our neighborhood has an extremely family friendly environment and one of the best school systems in the country. Our development sits between a large greenbelt where we love to hike and mountain bike year round and a golf club where we enjoy golfing and swimming. We have tons of kids and dogs, basketball and baseball games and cul-de-sac cookouts. We love our neighborhood and the families around us.

We are excited about another open adoption. We look forward to not just adding a baby to our family but also a new friend, you! We know that open adoption is a lifelong journey for all of us and we will approach it with compassion, honesty and commitment. We will respect your wishes when it comes to establishing a level of openness and contact that makes you comfortable.We will give your child unconditional love, happiness, opportunities, respect and a sense of self. He/she will go to bed every night and wake up every morning with a big smile, a hug and a kiss.

With love and support,

Mark, Debbie, Morgan & Nic