David and JC


Hello! We’re David and JC, a happy, warm, and fun-loving couple of guys. Family is an important part of our lives, and we’re excited to grow ours, which will include adopting a child and welcoming his or her birth family to join us as much as you’re interested.

A bit about us: We live in Washington, DC in a row- home that we’ve renovated and restored. David describes JC as playful, loyal, and hard-working, always busy with some home renovation project or other. JC describes David as smart, dedicated, and a social butterfly. Our neighborhood is a great mix of city life—with coffee shops, playgrounds, a bike path, and restaurants in walking distance—and also a friendly, multicultural neighborhood feel where we know most of our neighbors and people look out for one another. It’s just about a mile from Capitol Hill and two miles from the White House. Even after living here since 2011, it’s still a treat to walk around the monuments and grand public spaces in the city. We think of ourselves as fun-loving, always surrounded by friends and family for fun and laughs.

Core value–education: As we think about children and the values we’ll want to impart, one key commitment is to education and the love of learning. We will always seek to give every opportunity to enable our child to learn and grow the mind throughout his or her life, whether through reading novels or history books; learning musical instruments or languages; or exploring interests like cooking or computer programming or dance. We want our child’s mind to be constantly opened through formal schooling and experiences, such as activities and travel. David grew up in a family of educators and has a PhD in education, so this value is deeply ingrained in him and is shared by JC.

Core value–friends and family: A second key value we share is the importance of spending time with our friends and family, who fill our lives with laughter and joy. We both have loving and supportive families, including our parents and siblings. We also have a wide circle of friends, so between family and friends we never have a shortage of people to spend good times with. A great weekend may involve spending time with friends in our home, cooking up a big meal and sharing food, conversation, and laughter. Another weekend might involve flying to see our parents or our siblings and their families. JC’s niece has a young son, so we know what a joy it can be to welcome and expand our family; and we hope to do that with a child and you.

Travel: We are lucky that, since JC works for an airline, we have the ability to fly for free, both around the country and around the world. This enables us to make visits with friends and family across the country a reality–and allows us to learn and experience different cultures around the nation and world. We have recently traveled to see friends in Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine, in addition to California, Kentucky, Florida, and Massachusetts. And we’ve been able to visit Portugal, Paris, and Rome recently, learning about their unique cultures–along with some time on some beautiful beaches! (The picture to the left is us in Santa Barbara, California.) We think of travel as a key way that we’re able to continue learning and nurturing our relationships with family and friends, including with our child’s birth family if we are far away.

Open adoption: We are really looking forward to being parents. David has known forever that he has wanted to have kids, as has JC, who in fact already spent some time as a foster parent. We can’t wait to welcome a child into our family–and also to welcome his or her birth family to join our family as well. We will be respectful of your interest in remaining involved, and hope to foster a meaningful open adoption relationship, where we and our child will be able to know you and draw on your wisdom and experiences as he or she grows. We love spending our time with friends, cooking big and small meals, being active outdoors, and many other things; we’d love to share those activities with you!

Thanks for taking a few minutes to get to know us. We wish you all the best!

David and JC


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