Daniel and Lisa


Hello, we’re Daniel, Lisa, Owen, and Neil!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!  We met in college and have been happily married for 12 years.  Lisa fell for Daniel’s dimples and his gentle and supportive nature, while Daniel fell in love with Lisa’s strength, compassion and height (she’s 6’2”!).  We have two silly and affectionate biological sons, ages 8 and 3, and we are excited to welcome a daughter and her birth family into our hearts and home.

After a fulfilling career as a labor and delivery nurse, Lisa chose to be a stay-at-home mom two years ago, which has been so rewarding for her.  With this time, Lisa takes the kids to weekly story time at the library, to play at the park during the warmer months (cold weather is not her friend!) and is an active volunteer in Owen’s classroom.  She can’t wait to do the same with Neil and a future daughter.  She loves to dance (especially salsa) and plan amazing events for family and friends like our annual Halloween parties.  She sees the best in people and makes them feel at ease and welcomed.

Daniel is a soft-spoken, but natural leader.  He works as an IT director in government and is fortunate to be able to make a difference with his work and through volunteering in the community.  At the same time, he can’t wait to get home each day to see Lisa and the kids!  Daniel commits to taking time off of work to participate in school functions and to go on family vacations.  He is easy going and loves to play and explore with the kids, like building volcanos in the sandbox or playing music together.  In his personal time, he tries to get outdoors, especially kayaking and backpacking.

We live on an acre of land with big trees and a large yard in a suburb near Seattle.  We have friendly neighbors who help each other out and stop to chat often.  We feel so fortunate to live close to Daniel’s parents and spend time with them at least once a week.  We also have a supportive, close-knit extended family in Oregon who we visit about three times a year.  Our parents and extended family absolutely adore our children and are excited to welcome an adoptive child and birth family into their hearts.

During the week, our family time in the evening includes home-cooked meals around the dinner table and reading stories at bedtime.  On the weekends, we enjoy different activities including: swimming,  exploring children’s museums, eating Daniel’s Saturday morning waffles and playing around the house.  Our parenting style is affectionate and openhearted while having age-appropriate expectations about behavior.  We try to teach our children to see the best in people, including themselves, and make a point to have open conversations with our children every day.  While most of our time is spent with the kids, we enjoy evenings out as well as long conversations after the kids are in bed.

After four miscarriages and a deep sense that our family isn’t yet complete, we decided to adopt a child.  Having two boys already, we are choosing to adopt a girl, who we will love and nurture for who she is, whether she is a girlie-girl or a tomboy or anywhere in-between.  Having an open adoption is something we truly believe in, and we are thrilled to extend our family in this way.  We’re excited to have a relationship with a birth family in whatever way you feel most comfortable—from attending family BBQs in the summer to exchanging pictures and texts throughout the year.  We want you to feel wholeheartedly welcomed and loved.  Thank you for considering us!

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