Dan and Christi


Hello!  We are Dan and Christi.

We met in 2007 on a group bike ride and felt an instant connection.  When Christi found out a few days after the ride that Dan was asking for her number she was jumping for joy!  Neither one of us wanted our first date to end and we have treasured our time together ever since.

Both of our careers have given us a chance to connect with and help others. We both love what we do and feel our lives have been greatly enriched by getting to meet and form relationships with people from all walks of life.  Dan is a ceramic artist and has taught art part-time at a local community college a few miles away.  There is a large studio in the backyard allowing Dan to do his pottery at home.  He is excited to share his love for art and creativity with our child along with his curiosity for reading, exploring the outdoors, and any activity involving water.  Christi is a physical therapist and works at a sports medicine center surrounded by a large team of wonderful coworkers.  In her free time Christi enjoys gardening, cooking and baking, outdoor activities, and playing her violin. She looks forward to reading to our child, laughing and playing with them, sharing her love for gardening and nature, and sharing a love of music in the home.

Dan grew up in the Seattle area and Christi is from the Midwest.  Our home in Oregon is in a family oriented neighborhood that is within walking distance of some of our closest friends and our favorite local organic market.  We love that we can admire our garden and watch the sunset from our dining room table and go for walks through nearby parks with our dog every day.  Our friends are an extension of our family.  We get together with them for dinner parties, weekend travels to the coast or the mountains, and outdoor activities like hiking, cross-country skiing, and swimming.  Eugie is our labrodoodle who we love and adore.  She snuggles in bed with us, chases the ball endlessly at the park, and greets everyone she meets with tail wags and kisses.  We claim, of course, that we have the best dog in the whole world!

Christi describes Dan as creative, curious, intelligent, compassionate, and patient.  She loves  his fondness for living creatures and that he has been known to rescue baby animals including squirrels and opossums.  She also loves his eternal optimism.  Dan describes Christi as fun-loving, extroverted, artistic, kind-hearted, and spunky.  He loves to share fun facts about Christi such as she was once “Chuckie” at Chuck E. Cheese.  Christi’s zest for life is contagious and her motto to live by is “Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)”!

We look forward to sharing family traditions and creating new ones with the family that will be an extension of our adoption.  Open adoption is appealing to us because we want our child to grow up having a strong sense of who they are and where they came from.  We would love to develop a trusting and meaningful relationship with our child’s birthparents and extended family as we feel openness and honesty are at the core of all human relationship.  We wish you all the best as you consider your decision.

Dan & Christi

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