Cirihn and Rita


Hi there,

We are Rita (with the short hair) and Cirihn (pronounced ‘Corinne’). It is with deep respect that we share a bit about ourselves with you through this letter.

We met almost seven years ago and were married in 2013. We live in a large city in Washington State with our dog, Ruby, and our two cats, Sleater and Petrie. We’re quick to say that our relationship is the most important thing in our lives. We put a lot of work into it and are proud of the stability and true joy it gives us!

We love sharing simple moments together: walks around the park, a cup of coffee in the morning, snuggling with our dog, cooking dinner or playing a board game. We also enjoy hanging out with our friends and family, listening to all sorts of music, visiting museums, and traveling.

For work, Cirihn is an Assistant Director at an educational nonprofit. She’s worked there for almost seven years managing different programs that help people achieve their educational and career goals. Rita is a Corporate Communications Manager at a technology company. She creates stories about the organization to share with the public. Work is fulfilling for both of us, but family is our top priority. Cirihn plans to stay home full-time with our child for at least the first six months, with both of us home together for the first couple of months.

Although we both come from small families that live outside the state, we see them regularly throughout the year. We’re also lucky to have a very strong community here of close friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Along with our family members, these people give us strength and fill our hearts with love. Several of our closest friends have recently started their own families! They, along with our entire network of people we are close with, are very excited to welcome our little one.

 What Rita says about Cirihn: Cirihn is determined, intuitive, loving, caring, intelligent, and thoughtful. I often marvel at her patience, honesty, loyalty, and the size of her heart (HUGE!). She is an avid reader of all kinds of things – her horoscope, cookbooks for dinner inspiration, or her favorite design blogs. She loves and adores our animals, and is really looking forward to taking Ruby out on walks with our child. I can’t wait to see Cirihn become a mom. She’s creative and very nurturing with kids – I know from witnessing her with our nephews and friends’ kids that she’ll be an incredible mom!

What Cirihn says about Rita: Rita is easygoing, sensitive, generous, smart, and funny. I often say she has a lightness about her that you have to experience to understand! She’s one of a kind and follows her heart. You’ll often find her watching sports in her free time, usually while she’s doing something else like texting friends or playing with Legos (yes, Legos!). Rita is curious and up for learning and experiencing new things such as exploring the latest technology trends or trying a new restaurant in town. Rita will be a GREAT mom – she has a real gift for seeing the world through kid eyes and of knowing what kids need. She can’t wait for family pizza and ice cream night, movie night, games, and bedtime stories with our child.

Cirihn has always envisioned adopting, even before meeting Rita. Once we decided a family was in our future and learned about open adoption, we knew it was absolutely right for us. We strongly believe in the values of open adoption – especially because it honors and empowers the choices of women and birthparents and always puts the child’s interests first. We promise to meet you with an open heart and mind, while always saving you a seat at our table. As parents, we will embrace our child, offering them a home filled with joy, love, and respect. We will celebrate our differences and similarities while always supporting them in becoming whoever they want to be in this world.

Thank you for reading. We wish you all the best on your journey.


Rita & Cirihn (and Ruby too)

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