Chris and Molly


Hello.  We are Chris and Molly, a family of two, with an adorable mutt named Brodie. We are ecstatic to have found our “home base” after bouncing around the country in the beginning of our now 10 year marriage!

We met during our college years when Molly’s sister unintentionally played matchmaker by inviting us both on a ski trip for winter break.  Chris fell for FUN Molly, her energetic and positive view on life.  Molly couldn’t resist QUIET Chris, his calm presence and witty sense of humor.  Today those initial attractions are qualities we continue to adore in each other.

We are thrilled to build our family through open adoption. We have always known that we would build a family together; due to medical treatment Molly received conquering cancer, we’ve also known that adoption would be the route we’d use to do so. We are excited and thankful for the opportunity to develop a relationship with birth parents. With Chris having spent many holidays away from home because of work, we have learned that unconventional experiences can change friends into family and form some of the best memories.

Chris’ career as a civilian defense contractor results in our living a slightly different cadence in schedule, than is traditional.  Chris’ job, keeping U.S. soldiers safe, takes him on overseas assignments for two months at a time.  However, he then spends two months home- free to fly airplanes and helicopters for fun and adventure with Molly!

Most outings tend to revolve around food or soccer, sometimes both.  The ability to play soccer year round is, hands down, Molly’s dream existence! From pick up games and regional leagues to international tournaments, she’s always game to play.  When Chris is not cheering on Molly from the sidelines, he can be found savoring some home cooking.  Professionally trained as a chef, Molly creates some of the most amazing things Chris has ever tasted. We are connoisseurs of fine dining and love discovering a delightful dive too!

Although we enjoy adventurous excursions, like skydiving, we also can be found relaxing with a good book or chilling at a movie.  We dig visiting dog parks and strolling along the waterfront with Brodie.  Sometimes we lounge around in our jammies and watch movies on the couch. Occasionally we eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.  And we still hit the slopes together to ski or snowboard, just one of the many reasons we enjoy living in the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you for reading our letter and taking the time to learn about our family. We wish you the very best.

Chris and Molly