Brett and Caitlin


Hello – We’re Caitlin & Brett. We hope you are doing well through what must be an overwhelming time!

For us, it’s a typical Sunday. After going to the Farmer’s Market, Brett made brunch and we’re eating on the back porch. There’s 70s soul music playing (there’s always music playing) and our neighbors come through the back fence for a visit. We’re making plans to paint a mural on the outside garage wall between our houses. After we eat, we’ll all head to the Gorge for a hike with our dogs, and then make dinner together.

We want people to feel welcome in our home. Caitlin loves to decorate, and fills our house with used furniture she finds in salvage or thrift shops and restores. A friend once told us our home is “like walking into a warm hug” (best… compliment… ever). We have monthly pot-luck dinners and our Portland farmhouse fills up with family and friends. Kids play hide and seek, and after the meal some of us play board games, while others talk about politics and the environment in the kitchen or play guitars upstairs. The commotion reminds Caitlin of the house she grew up in. We’re excited to add children of our own to the mix!

Both of us were “only children” growing up and chosen family became as important as biological. Caitlin is from New England, where she learned to run in the woods, sing, make maple syrup and ride horses. She shared a home with another family and has a “little sister”, now in Virginia. Her mom is in Connecticut, with other folks in Vermont and Maine. Caitlin was reunited with an older, biological, sister during high school, and now she and her spouse live just blocks away. Brett was born in San Francisco, and his family went to the mountains each summer, where he developed a deep love of the outdoors. To this day he shares a passion for stand-up comedy and Mel Brooks movies with his Dad. His Mom and stepdad visit regularly (and text madly during baseball games). His oldest childhood friends are still his best today. They are all so excited to welcome new additions to the family!

Both of us are driven and passionate about the work we do. After going to Smith College, Caitlin worked at Babycenter for several years. She now works at a non-profit, tech company, making sure everyone has secure access to the internet. Brett went to UCLA & Yale and currently runs his own company, helping organizations use technology to do greater good for the environment.

With our large extended family, open adoption feels like a natural choice. We can’t wait to welcome new people and of course a little one! After college, Caitlin became a nanny for a theater company with 5 kids, and has lots of experience. Brett is a favorite with our littlest cousin and the teenagers in our clan. We are inspired by parents we meet travelling with their kids and hope to follow their lead. The learning, constant growth and new experiences travel brings are vital to both of us and we want to share that passion with our child.

More than anything, we want our child to know they are loved by all their family, both birth and adopted. We hope they’ll feel supported, by all of us, in becoming their own, independent person. We hope to build a trust with our child’s birth family that helps us communicate honestly during both wonderful and challenging moments. And we look forward to growing as a family more than we ever expected.

Most of all, we wish the very best for you on this journey and hope you find the path that is right for you and your child.

Much love, Caitlin and Brett

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