Brad and Adam


Our names are Brad (glasses) and Adam, and we’d also like to introduce our son Henry. Thank you for getting to know us a bit, we’re so excited to welcome another baby into our family. We’ve always hoped to have more than one child, and we’d love for Henry to have the opportunity to be a big brother. Considering an adoption and choosing adoptive parents has to be intense, and we hope you feel as supported as possible. Our biggest wish is that when we’re chosen to parent again, whoever chooses us feels certain we’re the right people to raise and care for their child.

We met over ten years ago and have been in a loving partnership since 2007. After becoming friends first, Brad fell in love with Adam’s caring nature, and Adam fell for Brad’s sincerity and humor. Together, we experienced love at first sight the moment we laid eyes on our son in the summer of 2013! Brad is originally from Minnesota and Adam grew up in Montana, but we’ve built a wonderful life together in Oregon. We love living in a diverse and fun city, but have kept a bit of our farm upbringings intact through lots of time gardening and playing in our backyard with our active toddler Henry, our dog Lola, and our chickens. Despite moving so far from where we each grew up, we’re lucky to have family and an amazing network of friends nearby.

An active lifestyle has always been our nature. Brad is a long time athlete who grew up swimming competitively and loves running (his biggest motivations are being able to eat a big breakfast after a long run and eating ice cream guilt-free). Adam grew up skiing every weekend and was a long time avoider of running, but has been inspired to give it a shot after watching Brad complete so many marathons and triathlons. We also love to camp, hike, and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Henry loves to be outside as well, and even has his own garden tools, because he insists on being a part of whatever we’re doing in the yard or around the house! He also loves music, reading books, and going for walks around our neighborhood, especially to the park. Henry is a very sweet and caring little boy, and we know he’s going to be a great big brother.

Brad works as a Finance Consultant for a major hospital and Adam is a Product Manager for a software company that creates all types of design. We both have Masters Degrees in Business Administration and value the opportunities we’ve enjoyed as a result of our education. We’re both also very creative. Adam is an inventor; products he has invented are sold in stores nationwide, and he is always working on new product ideas. Brad is famous among our friends for all the things he builds and creates; he’s always working on a project around the house or in the yard. One of the next items on Brad’s list is an amazing play fort for Henry!

With our many hobbies and passions, we can’t wait to help our children grow and discover passions of their own, whatever they may be. Our children will always have love and support in our home, and will be encouraged to be creative, silly, and try new things. Open adoption is important to us because we hope our children will always feel loved, informed, and included in their unique, holistic life stories. Equally important, we want you to feel comforted by our connection. Most importantly, we’ll do everything we can to make sure our children are happy, healthy, and able to live the fullest life possible.

Sincerely, Brad and Adam

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