Bill and Jon



We are Bill & Jon and we are excited to start a family through adoption and happy that you will be a part of this experience. Open adoption is a natural choice for us because it is our wish to raise a child connected to their birth family.
We really admire you for considering adoption—your choice becomes our amazing responsibility. It is our job to make sure your child always understands that your decision was based wholly on love and the hope for the best possible life your child can have.

Living a full life building memories with our family and friends is extremely important to us. Laughter and creativity are usually a big part of every experience. We love to travel, play sports, and of course sneak in some downtime. Jon plays tennis and enjoys photography. Bill owns one of the largest LEGO collections in Seattle, and plays volleyball regularly. Together we love seeing movies, trying new restaurants and spending weekends on the Olympic Peninsula at our cabin on Lake Cushman. Most of our dog-friendly plans include Louise—she loves playing with our friends’ kids. We can’t wait to share our passions, but also experience new ones that our child will bring to us. Bill is already planning LEGO projects for our little girl or boy!

The desire to be parents has been in our hearts for many years. We love being uncles to the children of our family and friends! Between the two of us we have 19 nieces and nephews…so far (two were born in the last year). As you can tell, our extended families are large! Jon’s parents live in Denver and his five siblings are scattered across the country. Bill’s parents and three siblings reside in Wisconsin where he grew up. Throughout the year we frequently travel to family, or they visit us—and we definitely look forward to visiting you. Our circle of friends is also quite large and very supportive. They are full of excitement for our parenting journey.

Our life is ready for a little one! Jon owns a digital marketing agency and not only sets his own hours, but also works from home. Bill is a full-time cook at a corporate restaurant on Amazon’s Seattle campus. We live in a two bedroom townhome in a dynamic Seattle neighborhood. Both of us enjoy the city but also love the calming outdoors that the Pacific Northwest offers. Just footsteps from our front door are many kid-friendly experiences including parks, libraries, museums, theaters and schools. There are endless family activities that Seattle has to offer, and we look forward to exploring them all.

We are excited to experience the great joys of parenting. Sharing this excitement with you would be our greatest honor.

Bill & Jon

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