Allie and Tyler


Hi there! Our names are Tyler and Allie, and we are so excited that you are taking the time to hear our story. Thank you. We value the courage, strength, and love it must have taken to get here and hope to share this journey with you. 

We met under the desert sun as freshmen at college in Tucson, AZ – a couple of 18 year olds trying to figure it all out.  As part of the same friends group early on, our paths crossed frequently those first few months.  We tried an official, formal date one day, and things clicked.  Our friendship, built early in those first years, is the foundation for our relationship to this day.  While it hasn’t been easy growing from teenagers to adults – our path has been overflowing with learning, laughter, and love from day one.  Though we may be extremely different in some regards, our shared sense of humor, values, and joint love of Harry Potter keep us close and happy.

Allie about Tyler: Ty is my absolute best friend. I cannot imagine spending my life with anyone else by my side.  He has made me laugh every day for the last 12 years. He is responsible and driven, but will drop everything to do something fun on a moment’s notice. Growing up in Washington, he spent his childhood running wild – building forts and exploring the outdoors.  He will ensure our children get to experience the same. Even during the most stressful of weeks, he comes home excited to take our dog June to the park, find a new hike for the weekend, challenge me at a card/board game, or snuggle up on the couch to watch a favorite show. I feel so lucky to raise children with Ty.  He is kind, supportive, loving, empathetic, and will make an absolutely wonderful father.

Tyler about Allie:  I still remember the first time I saw Al – I can recite almost every detail – she is an impactful person and has a presence about her that can’t be denied.  I have been in awe, watching her become the strong, caring, and curious woman she is today.  I couldn’t imagine another partner in crime.  She has a wonderful family that is very close and supportive which reflects in Allie’s ability to relate to everyone and find the positives in every scenario.  She has a drive for life that is contagious – it is tough to frown with her around.  She values the small things that make life pleasant but doesn’t stress the small stuff that can frustrate most.  Al will be a fantastic mother as she gets to shower her children with love and instill the kindness and morals that make her so special.

When envisioning our future, we dream of sleepy morning snuggles in blanket forts hung around the living room and playful afternoon adventures exploring the outdoors. Our child will wake every day knowing they are unconditionally loved and supported.  We want them to be confident in who they are – just as our families raised us to be. We will teach them the importance of being kind even when they haven’t received the same kindness in return.  Laughter will be an overwhelming theme throughout their life – we will laugh and giggle every single day, and hope they do the same – finding the positives in life and smiling when the going gets tough.  We want them to be well-rounded and excited to explore this world.

While we explored a number of options for creating a family, open adoption was a clear choice.  Unparalleled in placing the utmost importance on the well-being of the child – our values aligned with its core mission.  We appreciated the emphasis open adoption places on the relationship between birth and adoptive parents.  We will commit ourselves to creating a strong bond with our child’s birth parents on an open and honest platform.  The birth parents will be an integral part of our story and life, not just our child’s.

Our child will grow up confident in the fact that they are adopted – we will celebrate not just where they are going but where they come from. The simple fact that they will have more people to love and support them throughout their life is a wonderful thing.  Thank you again, for taking the time to read our letter.

Love, Tyler and Allie

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