Alison and Chris


Hi, we’re Alison and Chris (and Feather). Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We deeply respect the decision you are making, and are happy to be able to tell you a little bit about ourselves.

We started dating in San Francisco in 2002, and at the time we were an unexpected match. Chris is a musician and performer, and was well known in our community for taking playfulness to a new level with his antics. There is a physicality to his presence, and he has a unique and wonderful sense of humor – at times dry, at times bombastic and unexpected. Alison worked at a busy social hub by night, and was known for her warmth and calm strength, and for keeping a low profile! An artist since childhood, she spent her days painting, reading, working in her garden, and taking her dog to the woods and the beach.

These days we seem to have balanced each other a little. Alison has become more outgoing than she ever imagined and is easeful in her very public job leading yoga classes and trainings in and around the city. Chris has stepped gracefully into the roll of husband and partner, providing stability for us through his job at an insurance company, while still managing to keep everyone around us laughing. We are still artists and still make music, sometimes performing Chris’s songs together or with a band. We live in a house full of books with a dedicated art room, and recently acquired a beautiful piano. We love getting outdoors with our dog, Feather, who is gentle and joyful and a full fledged member of the family, and even travels with us to Mexico every Spring. In the Summer when the days are long we spend most evenings on our sailboat.

We moved to the Pacific Northwest eight years ago to start a family. After several years of trying to conceive, we began to explore adoption. We both have immediate family members that were adopted; Chris’s late brother-in-law and our beloved niece. Alison is also a birth sister and a birth auntie. We were open to any and all possibilities that would allow us to become parents, but we are thrilled to be in a position now to pursue Open Adoption because we feel personally aligned with its child-centric principles. We both deeply value a sense of belonging, and believe that openness throughout the adoption process will be a huge support to our child’s developing sense of self. And we are excited to meet you, too! As members of large extended families on both sides, we know well the benefits of having lots of family connections in whatever form they take. It really does take a village, and we look forward to the possibilities that await all of us as our relationships unfold.

Alison has been longing to parent as long as she can remember, and can’t wait to feed and water the developing mind of her little one with books and art and nature walks. Chris is a former preschool teacher whose humor and playfulness make him a natural with kids of all ages. We are both affectionate and expressive, and look forward to the joys of family life such as baking cookies, traveling and camping, spontaneous living room dance parties and plenty of belly laughs. We also also take parenting seriously. We believe in being emotionally available and unflagging in our support, and also that children benefit greatly from adults entrusting them with independence and responsibility.

We have lived full lives that have taught us a lot. We are genuinely interested in people, and have always made connections easily, including with people whose backgrounds differ from our own. Our lives are enriched by this every day. It’s important to us that our child be exposed to a wide variety of people, cultures and world views.

We still enjoy wonderful support from our large and boisterous California families – both blood family and chosen family. We have wonderful new friends as well, and an elementary school, two beautiful parks, and a child care cooperative and toy swap, all within a few blocks of home. We are beyond excited to bring a baby into the picture.

Thanks again for reading our letter. We truly wish you the best.

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