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"My counselor helped me look at all my options; what parenting would be like, what my goals were for my child and myself. I wondered if I could ever find the right adoptive parents, but I did. I was nervous at first, but we grew close, so fast, and felt comfortable together. We wanted the same thing; for the adoption to be open, and for Megan to know who I am and to have a relationship with me."


"We highly recommend OA & FS for their great support of both birth parents and adoptive families. They are so respectful of all parties, and provide ongoing help. They are always there for you."

Jeff & Vicki, Adoptive Parents

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Christine and Jill

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Hello from Christine and Jill, 

We haven’t met you yet, so we don’t know the dreams you have for your child, but we can guess that we share some of the same dreams. Unconditional love. A sense of fairness.     A love of learning. A connection to nature. A faith rooted in love and kindness. Knowing you. Open adoption is our first choice to build our family and we hope to have a lifelong relationship with our child’s birthparents. 

Our story together began soon after graduating from college while we were both working for Habitat for Humanity. Four years later we made a lifelong commitment to each other surrounded by family and friends, and we have been married for fourteen years. 

We are passionate about helping other people and leaving a light footprint on the earth. Our home is full of books and yarn and our garage is full of camping gear and gardening tools because they help us do the things we love. We value generosity, honesty, laughter, and trying new things. Another member of our household is Pippin, our corgi who would love to have a small child to play with. 

Christine (on the right): I’m a practical person. I have a drive to work with my hands to “make stuff.” I like to give gifts of hand-knitted hats and scarves, handmade pottery, and homemade cookies. I’m not afraid to tackle tough emotional issues head-on. I have a master’s degree in theology and my work days are spent directing a social service program which helps people meet their basic needs. 

Jill (on the left): Listening is one of my greatest strengths. I try to meet people where they are and approach them with patience, caring and compassion. I am an attorney in a nonprofit organization. It is challenging yet rewarding to work for better laws. When I am a mom, I look forward to many family trips to the neighborhood library on Saturday mornings. I believe that helping children to develop their imaginations helps them to imagine a better world—and inspires them to want to be part of making it happen! 

We are strong believers in the power of education—and by that we mean both formal study and also seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and breathing in the world around us. We hope to teach our child to believe in himself or herself, and not to be afraid to ask for help when it is needed. 

If you choose adoption, and if we have the honor of being the adoptive parents you choose, we will love your child with all of our hearts. We will honor your place in our child’s past, present, and future. 

We wish you a sense of peace as you decide on your next step. Wherever your path may lead, we wish you well.