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"Katie had a way of tackling the heavy stuff with empathy and care, but also bringing up the reality without too much harshness. You can tell she really enjoys her job and loves the people she helps."

Expectant Parent In Options Counseling

"It takes two people to make a child. If one person is not in the picture later on, there’s a part missing. Cody (birthfather) completes the picture. We are all so fortunate that Cody has stepped up to the plate to be a part of Mitch’s life. Cody is a part of who Mitch is. Without him there’d always be a gap for Mitch … Mitch is closer to his birthfather than his birthmother. They have a physical connection. They’re always wrestling or tickling each other. Mitch likes to grab Cody’s baseball cap so Cody will chase him to get it back. "

Mary Alice, Adoptive Mom

Our pregnancy options counseling is free, confidential, and nonjudgmental.  We’re here to provide support and unbiased information as you determine what’s best for you.

How does counseling help?

Counseling offers you a safe place to explore all of your options. We’re here to empower you with the information you need to make the choice that feels best to you. We are honored to offer you compassion, understanding and respect.

What makes us different from most adoption agencies is that we are here to support you no matter what decision you make. We are a non-profit, pro-choice agency not affiliated with any religion, and will treat you with dignity and respect. If you'd like to meet a counselor in person, we have offices in Portland, Eugene and Seattle or we're happy to come to you.

What to expect during pregnancy options counseling.

An OA&FS counselor will listen and provide support as you consider each of your choices: parenting, abortion or adoption. You’ll explore questions such as:

  • How would each choice affect my everyday life?
  • How do each of the choices fit with my values and beliefs?
  • What would each choice mean to the people closest to me?
  • Who can I count on to support me through this process?
  • What are my plans for the future?